Exemplification Essay Topics

The upcoming academic years are going to be full of surprises. There will be tighter deadlines and several new kinds of writing tasks which you will see for the first time. Although you have understood and mastered writing narrative, persuasive, and argumentative essays in all these years, now there is a new challenge, i.e., writing an exemplification essay. Students who still need to be introduced to this essay type can check the essay writing tips. If you have an approaching deadline to submit this exemplification paper, these exemplification essay topics are the perfect essay title ideas for you to finish your task.

Exemplification Essay Topics – 20+ Latest Topics 2023

We focus on helping students and try to pillar the overwhelming academic pressures of students with this list of essay title ideas. Therefore, we have organized 20 best exemplification essay ideas that will help you to get on your essay right away!


  1. Brand Promotion through TV ads.
  2. Violent content on television and its impact on children.
  3. Does it cut to the freedom of music due to censorship?
  4. Should we support our children in their dream of becoming superstars?
  5. What is more interesting and preferable? Theatre plays or movies?


  1. Has technology become the reason for academic dishonesty?
  2. How reliable are self-driving cars? Can we trust them at this date?
  3. Has smartphone addiction and virtual reality distracted teenagers from their real lives?
  4. The Internet has become a part of our lives.
  5. Technology has given a new platform to the fraudulent.
  6. What is the ideal age for an individual to let them use the internet without supervision?


  1. Is junk food in school a delight or threat to the children?
  2. Is it causing eating disorders among children in order to maintain their physique to participate in school or university’s annual sports day?
  3. Older outdoor games are better than online games for our mental and physical well-being.
  4. Fluctuations in weight due to eating disorders and ailments.
  5. Why do new-generation teenagers start to develop smoking addiction more commonly?


  1. How much authenticity do news channels deliver to their audience at this time?
  2. Prove the effectiveness of Political movements.
  3. Darkside of Police.
  4. Whom should we elect for president? Younger candidate or older candidate?
  5. Should America open up to immigrants more?

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