Expository Essay Meaning: Definition & Types

In your entire student life, there are many types of essays which you need to write for your assignment papers or exams. There are differences in writing styles, format, and structures among those essays. You need to present an argument regarding the similarities and differences among the characteristics of other authors’ works. While in some essays, you need to collect information and evidence to support your sentences so that they can convince the readers to believe the facts. There will also be some essays where you need to explain various events, subjects and matters, which are expository essays. In this article, we will discuss the expository essay meaning.

The Expository Essay Meaning can be Best Understood by Acknowledging Its Various Types

Expository derives from the word expose. This essay aims to uncover a specific event, incident or topic by explaining them in simple terms and providing evidence to back up the statements. This type of essay is mainly used to clarify a particular topic to the reader.

Types of Expository Essays

The first time when you get to write an expository essay, you need to read the specifications carefully. There are four types of expository essays, so you need to know the differences between the characteristics of each essay.

Definition Essays

When you write an expository essay you need to illustrate clear facts and statements on the topic. For example- there might be misbeliefs or myths about a particular event which has been coming through generations. You must present proven facts and evidence and explain the actual reason behind the occurrence.

Classification Essays

In classification essays, the writer needs to compare various subjects that fall under the same category and discuss the similarities among the subjects that tie them under the same category.

Compare and Contrast Essays

In compare-and-contrast essays, you must illustrate the similarities and differences between the facts from different sources. Your thesis statement will begin by examining the similarities and differences. In the compare and contrast paragraphs, you must discuss the differences between the facts from different cited sources.

Cause and Effect Essays

Cause and effect essays explain the actions or activities that caused specific events.

Process Essays

The process expository essay meaning defines that the writer needs to guide the reader with properly organized steps, which helps the reader to perform a certain task. You need to explain the steps in a simpler way so that the reader gets a grasp of it easily.

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