How to Memorize Quickly?

You will be shocked to know that our brain can store data up to 2.5 petabytes, equivalent to 2500 terabytes. Then why do we need to remember an answer while writing exams? The ability to store that much data and information should make our day-to-day lives easier. Let’s try to understand – you have a personal copter which can save you from heavy road traffic and get you to reach your destination much faster. Unfortunately, you do not possess any skills required to fly the copter. Therefore, even though you have a copter, you can only use it for your benefit if you know how. The same applies to the human brain; once you learn how to memorize quickly, it increases your memory span, concentration, and ability to memorize faster.

Tips to Memorize Quickly

The power of the human brain is beyond imagination. The right brain exercises for memory can allow you to do tasks you knew only the superhuman brain could do until now. You will learn about the exercises in a few minutes as you keep reading the below section.

Use Visual Image Mnemonics to Memorize Quickly

Visual imagery mnemonics associate figures, objects, and digits with an image and remember the figures, objects, and digits through the image.

How can i study and remember faster with this technique? There are three techniques to use Visual image mnemonics in a way that benefits your memory. They are:-


The method “Substitution” refers to visualizing an image which you can relate to a word. For example, suppose you have read the word power, so now you can visualize anything you can associate with this word; it can be weight lifting and a lot of money.

Link and Story Method

One of the ways to improve brain function, is to write down a short story which you can relate to an object. This is called link and story method.

Memory Palace Method

You need to watch the objects with which you cross your path while travelling and minutely notice the details of the objects. You need to activate memory palace method when you are travelling. Later, you need to rewind your journey and visualize all those objects that you walked or drove past.

Recall What You Have Learned

You can use a tool to make revising your lesson much faster and more fun. No matter how much storing capacity your brain has, it will eventually remove unnecessary information if you do not do revision. Therefore, it is important to recap the lesson without putting a long gap once we learn. ‘Flashcards’ There is no doubt that this tool alone can take care of all of your recap sessions and save you time. However, there are a few tricks to using this tool to make the results worth your effort.

Consistency Towards a Fixed Study Schedule Helps to Memorize Quickly

How can i study and remember faster? Our body adjusts our physical and mental functioning as we set our daily schedule. If you have yet to follow a fixed time for study sessions, it is time to do it. As you gradually engage your brain in learning at the same time of the day, your brain will tend to be more focused on learning with time.

Recap Before Sleep

Our brain loads and stores information during sleep. If you build a habit of reading before bedtime, you can visualize what you read during your pre-sleep study session. However, reading in your bed will help you to fall asleep faster. Therefore, a recap before sleep is like a healthy brain exercise for memory.

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