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Students pursuing their studies to obtain an academic degree often need to submit essay assignments. During the academic years, the students need to write various types of essays. However, among all these unique essay papers, students also need to write a discursive essay. What is a discursive essay? Students need to highlight the balanced position of the author in respect of the topic while writing a discursive essay paper.

Students often look for essay paper assistance. They often search “How to write a discursive essay?” online. Students need to submit regular homework and cover rigid syllabuses. Therefore we have enlisted some points which will help them understand the concept and fulfil the essay’s objective.

  • Expressing your opinion on the arguments based on the topic from a neutral aspect.
  • Delivering your argument based on the event or a specific factor
  • Finally, showing a few solutions.

“How To Write a Discursive Essay?” Follow these Four Simple Steps

Students often ask a query to, “What is a discursive essay?”. As we have discussed earlier, it is an academic essay where the students need to barge into an argument and clarify the author’s position in the relevant argument. Furthermore, students must express their opinions and form an argument to indicate a solution.

This section will discuss “How to write a discursive essay?” in four simple steps.

Select a Topic

Many students often wonder, “How will I write my paper plagiarism free?”. Students often worry about completing their papers because they face the main issue at the beginning. They cannot start writing as they often do not know to take proper steps before writing essays.

Before starting to write an essay, you must select a controversial topic regarding which several arguments are available from different aspects.


The next important step after selecting a topic is to research and find sufficient information to write the essay. Reference books, libraries and lecture sessions may only give you access to limited information. Therefore you may need extensive research and gather information from reliable sources.

Write a Thesis

The next step you can adopt after researching the topic is to develop a strong thesis. Your thesis must briefly highlight the main issue regarding the topic to the readers. Now, if you are unsure about “How to write a thesis statement?” you can easily find thesis writing help.

Discursive Essay Outline

After completing all the previous steps, you can come down to where you need to write your paper. Many students need clarification when writing a discursive essay because they need to learn how to form an outline. Outlines may vary in respect of different essay styles. However, in the case of a discursive essay, you can consider the default outline to structure your essay. The default essay outline follows:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

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