How To Write Observation Report?

An observation report is a paper with extensive information about a youngster. It serves as a foundation for evaluating a child’s overall development. 

How to Begin?

The process involves observing a youngster, taking notes, and compiling everything into a report. In advance of the observation, you must choose the location and time.

Decide what kind of information you wish to collect. When scheduling an observation of a child’s socialisation abilities, ensure the child is playing with friends. If you’d like to watch a child in class, arrange the observation for a weekday while the youngster is in school

Remember the date and time of your observation. If your child takes a long time to warm up, don’t be shocked if they don’t interact with their peers right away when they go to school.

Which Details to Provide

During the observation period, make sure to record as much information as you can. When examining a youngster in a classroom, pay attention to the classroom, the surroundings, and the kind of activity the child was engaged in that particular day. Noting any occurrences that take place during the observation is also advisable. They will likely be impacted by the surroundings and activities that day.

Use a voice recorder if you are concerned that you might not take enough notes or write quickly. Before you do this, get everyone’s consent in the setting.

Make the Report

Gather all of the observation notes, arrange them, and do a data analysis. When reporting on a child’s actions (such as throwing a tantrum), include details about what transpired before, during, and following the behaviour.


Start your work by providing a brief overview of the topic. Discuss your observations in detail. Include anything you can think of to add. The introduction should establish the topic by providing the reader with a synopsis of the subject of your observation and its background.


Your observations provide the core of your observation report paper. Organise your observation notes to create a coherent narrative. Start from the beginning, but don’t forget to connect similar observations. Write your observation narrative in the present tense and in a linear fashion. Stay impartial and provide as much information as you can. Give the reader the impression that he was there when you went through certain experiences.


In the conclusion of your paper, summarise your observations. However, make some inferences about your thoughts regarding your observations as well. Describe the significance of your observations for you and the reader. Condense everything into a single paragraph.


Editing should be done for spelling, grammar, clarity, and substance. When writing an observation paper, you must ensure you have yet to repeat yourself. Examine the document three or four times with extreme caution. Verify that the document makes sense and effectively conveys your point of view.

Hopefully, you will know better how to write an observation report. To write a captivating observation report, follow these tips. Adhere closely to the guidelines and suggestions provided in this article. You may need help to prepare the report. However, consistent practice will make you an expert at writing observation reports.

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