IB Extended Essay Help : Meaning, Purpose, Process

Are you looking for IB extended essay help? Then it means you are struggling to write your international baccalaureate extended paper. Therefore Topgrademakers.com have presented this guide to help you understand the International Baccalaureate curriculum and write your paper more efficiently.

Purpose of IB Extended Essay

IB stands for International Baccalaureate. It is a diploma program with a rigid curriculum. This curriculum includes several assessments, including one extended essay. Purpose of IB extended essay helps to make students independent thinkers. It is mainly designed for students aged between 16 to 19 to opt for this diploma. Furthermore, this curriculum is designed with different kinds of assessments that allow the candidates pursuing the course to think independently. The methods used in this program are to educate the candidates to develop their intercultural understanding. The multicultural learning atmosphere develops the ability of the students to deal with and from a multitude of aspects.

The purpose of IB extended essay inside the diploma program is to provide a platform for students to make them independent with a platform to allow them pursue studies per their preferred subjects.

Assignment topics may vary as per the subjects, but one element applies to all the students, i.e. word limit. We suggest to limit words at maximum 4000. Moreover, the assignment paper should be properly designed in

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Table of Content
  • Main body and citations

IB Extended Essay Help : Process

Students often ask “How to write my assignment?”. Therefore, we have formulated the below guide focusing on providing solution to the common issue. Below section is going to make IB extended essay writing much simple.

  • Firstly, essay assignment is mandatory and included in assessments. A limited time frame is given, so students must start their work early to meet the deadlines.
  • Secondly, IB extended program will decide on the topic and assign it to the candidates. Candidates can use independent research or investigation to gather sufficient information on the topic.
  • Students can always review the extended solved papers of previous years. However, we recommend to you that you make sure that the sample paper is young and not outdated. Reviewing the previous years solved projects can help you form a basic concept of the essay structure.
  • Fourthly, as per the IB extended essay guidelines, the students must type the assignment with double spaces.
  • In case the IB diploma program does not provide a topic, the students need to be cautious about selecting their essay assignment topic. It is highly recommended to choose a topic in which you have knowledge and confidence in.
  • Lastly when the topic selection is given to the students, they need to get their topic approved by the IBO. This is done to ensure relevancy of the selected topic and to make sure that it meets the criteria.

Qualifying for this program requires 40 hours of dedication and hard work, and it ends with a voice interview which your own chosen academic instructor takes. However, if you require further assistance then clear your anxiety with our “write my assignment” service.

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