IB Extended Essay Topics

International Baccalaureate is an educational foundation that offers diploma programs to students aged between 16-19 worldwide. IB Extended essays are the major requirements to get enrolled in its diploma program based on a specific course. The Extended essays in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program are feared by most students because there are several parameters based on which the instructors will calculate the scores for you. Therefore, if you are equipped with impressive IB Extended essay topics, you are more likely to enjoy writing your essay and finish your paper early as well. Many scholars and toppers appear in the entrance exam to get enrolled in the program, and they have expressed that it is one of the most strenuous works to think of ideas to write about for an essay as per their specifications.

IB Extended Essay Topics- 25+ Topic Ideas

You must make sure to select appropriate topics to do essays on and also ensure they are relevant to the subjects to which you have applied. Since you are free to write your essay on the topic you like, you need to take out some part of your day to brainstorm ideas to write about for an essay. However, you can reduce half of your effort by looking at some of our best essay topic suggestions before the other applicants do!


Firstly, the essay topic ideas are based in literature.

  1. How can you picture “women” in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter Series?
  2. Give an account of the gender roles shown in Buchi Emecheta’s The Bride Price.
  3. An assessment of Andrew Marvell’s “The definition of Love”.
  4. What role does Sylvia Path play in the Bell Jar experiment?


Secondly, the essay topic ideas are based in history.

  1. How did the Sino-Japanese war cause Japan to appear as the most powerful in the world?
  2. What is the impact of the Concordant Proclamation of the Thirteen Colonies of the USA?
  3. How did the era of Hitler transform Germany?
  4. Describe Mao Zedong.


Geography essay topics to do essays on.

  1. How does water resource preservation play a role in the ecological ecosystem of the Yellow river in China?
  2.      How does the climatic change impact the changes in the oceanic currents?
  3. Discuss the factors which have influenced the industrial locations in China.


Fourthly, the essay topic ideas are based in biology.

  1. Can photosynthesis still happen without sunlight?
  2. How do antioxidants work in our bodies?
  3. What are the consequences that the use of fertilizers is leaving behind on the Mississippi River?
  4. Can hand sanitiser and hand soap have the capacity to encourage the growth of E.coli?


  1. How is happiness correlated with mental health and resilience?
  2. Role of self-esteem and self-satisfaction in the trigger of happiness.
  3. Can cognitive behavioural therapy bring change to everyday life?
  4. What is indoleacetic acid?


  1. Analyzing the relationship between physics and human behaviour.
  2. How does the percentage of sugar affect the refractive index of water?
  3. How does temperature affect the viscosity of soda/juice?
  4. Define the Oberth Effect.


Lastly, these IB extended essay topics are based in arts.

  1. What are the similarities in style characteristics between impressionism and renaissance art?
  2. How did street music in Egypt become so famous worldwide?
  3. How does globalization play a major part in contemporary art?
  4. Give an account showing modern arts representing activism.

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