Speech Writing Guide: Write An Appealing Speech About Yourself

The idea behind the concept of writing a self-introductory speech is to present the positive aspects while talking about yourself in front of a crowd, convincing them to support you in reaching an important goal. Thus, making a competent self-introduction speech requires intense focus while self-evaluation. To save both time and effort, you can hire professional writers to prepare a speech writing for you. But if you have decided to pull it off on your own, then carefully observe the crucial steps till the end of this article.

Organize the Information

Self-evaluation is the way. In this step, you must assess your characteristics and personality like never before. This is the time that you should invest time in yourself to find out who you truly are.

Planning the Speech Writing Format

It gets the 50% of your work done if you have already created an outline for your speech.


 If your school has assigned you to write an introduction speech focused on your achievements, then obviously, the information you need to dig out for the content must be different. But the systematic structure to be followed remains the same.

Informative Body Section

Here you can classify:

  • Personal experiences and achievements
  • Your expertise and speciality
  • Educational Background
  • Family Background
  • Social activities you have participated in
  • Your extracurricular activities.


You can end your speech with a proper conclusion recapping all the things you have discussed in the introduction, and you can connect them with your future goals, ambitions and vision.


Proofreading helps you to identify areas where editing is necessary to improve the quality of your speech writing. Keeping the aspects, you described in the essay, read over and over again and simultaneously organize an in-depth evaluating session on all those points. You can also seek online proofreading assistance if you have any doubts or difficulties.

Revise the Details

In the first-ever attempt at speech writing, you must stay focused on the details. Add practical points while showcasing your positive aspects. Avoid using too much drama and expression, and keep it simple yet appealing.

Your Gesture Speaks

Always stay mindful of the gestures you are using while speaking.

  • Avoiding resting them on your hips
  • Avoid putting them in your pocket
  • Avoid keeping your crossed arms on your chest.

All the above gestures can reflect your lack of confidence; hence, even an appealing written speech will fail to convince the audience.


Acquiring any skill and reaching an expertise level requires patience and consistency. By patience, we mean time; therefore, you should be consistent in practising and patient with the results. Speaking up to the crowd of the audience for the first time can be scary, but do not beat yourself out for that. Even public figures get nervous before facing the crowd. We cannot stop our natural emotions; however, we can practice making us better at coping with the situation. Once you get used to it, you will gain confidence, and the haunting anxiousness will fade.

There are various ways you can practice before the day. You can enlist your family members, friends or that annoying cousin to listen to your speech, then slowly add more audiences. This will reduce your fear to some extent when facing the crowd.

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