What is the Starting Salary a College Graduate can Expect in 2023?

The day is not so far away! The first thought that comes to our mind on the day of college graduation is a celebration. Ever wondered how much value your graduation degree hold? After graduation, the starting salary is a high concern for some students because most of them generally carry a certain amount of debts they need to pay back now.

 As per a recent study organized by a real estate company named Clever, the average entry level salary of a college pass-out ranges between $55,000- $60,000. In a survey of 1000 students, it has come up that the average salary expectation of an undergraduate college student is approximately $104,000. Students are not just expecting a standard pay, but they are also demanding for:

  • Holidays
  • Four days of work in a week
  • Additional Benefits

Therefore, Topgradermakers have presented a detailed guide on the new salary structure 2023 for college graduates based on their pursued degrees.

Average Starting Salary of Students Based on Their Degrees

The National Association of Colleges and Employers has declared from 2023 onwards, the new salary structure 2023 will be determined as per the field and degrees. Science, mathematics, technology and engineering majors will have the highest paying master’s degree.

Now let’s see the average entry level salary of different fields analyzed by our experts.

  • Computer Sciences Majors: United Kingdom- Freshers with this degree can expect a salary between 23k to 24k sterling pounds per year. USA- You can expect to make 74k to 100k US dollars per year.
  • Engineering Majors: UK- An average fresher can earn up to 24k sterling pounds, on the other experienced engineers makes between 28k to 35k. USA- Average starting payroll of an engineering degree is 30k, while the highest payroll can range between 120k to 160k US dollars per year.
  • Entry Level MBA Salary: UK- 30k sterling pounds per year. USA- 85k to 97k per year dollars.
  • Math and Sciences Majors: UK- A fresher is offered up to 28k/year. USA- A fresher makes up to 35k dollars per year.
  • Agriculture and Natural Resource Studies: UK- 34k sterling pounds per year. USA- 48k dollars
  • Communications Major: UK- Communication majors earns up to 28k sterling pounds in entry level. USA- 21k dollars.
  • Humanities Major: UK- 31k/year. USA- 44k/year

Average Starting Salary With a Bachelor’s Degree

  • Fine Arts Major: $25k per year; £21k per year
  • Musician : $25k yearly; £23k yearly
  • Neuroscience Major: £51k/year; $25k/year
  • Art and Music Education Major: £17k/year; $22K/year
  • Drama and Theater Arts Major: £22k/year; $25k/year
  • Visual and Performing Arts Major: £21k/year; $28k/year;
  • Studio Arts Major: £21k/year; $18k/year

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