What is a Learning Management System? | Definition, Uses

A Learning Management System or LMS is used in e-learning. Therefore, it is an application that provides a platform to organize, assess, and implement a specific educational program online.

With this software application, students can operate and access the learning process. On the other hand, the instructors get to deliver the educational content to the students and ensure the learners’ attendance.

An LMS is an advanced web-based technology that provides enhanced learning features to students. It allows the students to participate in threaded discussions, ask questions in Q&A, and join video conferences to interact with their instructors.

Uses of Learning Management System

Business organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies use LMS. The main role of these web-based applications is to operate educational and training programs. Now, these trainings can be conducted by business organizations, agencies, or educational institutions. Let’s examine the role of the LMS from an in-depth analysis.

An Effective Educational Medium

When students access the learning management system, they experience traditional classroom teaching, and at the same time, they can access several online learning tools, making their learning more effective. Therefore, LMS provides a blended learning platform where students can get the advantage from studying in the the classroom,. At the same time, online learning tools, infographics, and videos improve memory retention and understanding understanding.

Training Programs for Employees

Organizations conduct employee training programs, and the learning management tool plays a huge role in it. New joiners can participate in these training programs from any device. The technology does not need an infrastructure to organize employee training. Therefore, it saves a lot of time and effort and benefits the organization in terms of finances.

  Managers can conduct training to enhance employee skills with the LMS or Learning management system. Once a new product has launched, business managers can hold a conference through LMS to deliver product knowledge and newer sales strategies to the employees.

What are the Types of LMSs?

Learning management systems can be of different types.

  • Cloud-based
  • Self-Hosted
  • Third-party Hosted

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