Academic Writing Tips: Top 5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Writing

Writing is a crucial skill which determines how well one is going to perform in academia. Therefore, students need to develop crucial skills during their early academic years. A student must be able to convey his ideas in the writing process. After following the five academic writing tips, the student will be able to:

  • improve writing skills;
  • score higher academic grades;
  • Will remain in an advantageous position for any upcoming challenges related to his career.

Delivers relevant and to-the-point pieces of information

This actually takes you to maintain good writing skills, and look at a bundle of information and share in an appropriate way, simultaneously. Identify the facts and understand the amount of information you need to limit in support of the message you are delivering.

Spend Time on Research

Are you still feeling worried about your assignment? The second of our academic writing tips on the list is reading. Spend time reading well-written and formatted academic writings, books and papers, which are similar or close enough to the topics. The assignment will only get delayed because it is almost impossible to form an idea or structure without sufficient research and gathering information on the particular topic.

Work on your sentence construction

One of the most common reasons that most students fail to maintain good writing skills is due to lack of knowledge in sentence formation.

Here are some academic writing tips to improve your sentence construction:

  • Use of active voice
  • Proper use and placement of punctuation
  • A simple way to present good writing is to avoid choppiness and describe each sentence with clarity
  • Avoid repeating sentences of similar meaning
  • Be more Concise; for instance, avoid writing- ”Jack was the boy whom everyone in the village accused of stealing”. Instead, write it like this, ” Everyone in the village accused Jack of the theft”.
  • Read more books, good articles, and newspapers to increase your vocabulary
  • Write in a way to convey your ideas, and it will automatically impress the reader’s eyes.


In order to increase the quality of your assignment, it is recommended to acknowledge this crucial writing tip. Provide evidence for at least some of the statements. The assignment paper must have a complete list of sources from which the information has been taken.


Before submitting, it is recommended that the students to thoroughly proofread their assignments. Why is it necessary to proofread? During the time of research, our mind is mostly engaged altogether with maintaining good writing skills, keeping records of sources, planning sentence structure and placing the information properly, also keeping plagiarism in mind. Therefore, it is quite possible to commit mild mistakes at some points, which later may affect the overall assignment score. Proofreading minimizes the risk and enables us to edit or make necessary changes. The more you proofread, the better the chances to improve the standard of your assignment. After identifying the mistakes or the areas which lack clarity, the next step is to do editing.

Scoring higher academic grades with flawless writing is not a one-day job; it takes a considerable amount of time and experience and builds gradually over time. For complete step-by-step guidance, reach out to

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