Best Thanksgiving Movies

The arrangements for Thanksgiving Day are almost sorted when all the family members unite together at the celebration. When the entire family gathers in front of the tv to watch a movie together, the biggest debate is about what to watch. There are several thanksgiving movies, but finding a good movie which adjusts well to the family atmosphere, takes time and effort. Therefore, to reduce your efforts, have presented a list of movies and shows your family will enjoy.

Best Thanksgiving Movies & Shows to Watch with Family

The adults in the family will surely enjoy these movie suggestions on their thanksgiving holidays. We are aware that children go to bed early, and till the time they awake, they will occupy the tv and watch a variety of cartoon shows. However, when they are tired and go to sleep, the adults can enjoy a few movies from these suggestions without hassling to choose from a huge list.

In this section, we added a list of 3 thanksgiving themed movies that family members of almost all ages can watch together on this thanksgiving day.

Addams Family Values

This is the most entertaining movie for teenagers to watch on their Thanksgiving holiday. This movie falls in the comedy genre with dark humour and is still a good movie to date. The movie had released in 1993.

Home for the Holidays

“Home for the Holidays” was released in 1995 and is the best Thanksgiving-themed movie to watch on Thanksgiving day. The movie depicts that the main character is not happy to spend her Thanksgiving holiday with her family. The movie will reflect a scene of your own family having Thanksgiving dinner, in its scenes.

You have Got A Mail

The “You have Got Mail” movie was released in 1998 and served as the best thanksgiving movie. This movie is collaged with romantic and comedy scenes, which simulates happiness in viewers and makes it a tradition to watch on this special day.

Best Cartoon Shows to Watch on Thanksgiving Day

Are you looking for a cartoon show to watch with your family on Thanksgiving? In some families, there might be more young members. As a result, the adults may need to look for good Thanksgiving-themed cartoon shows they can enjoy together on Thanksgiving day.

An Arthur Thanksgiving

Arthur is an old cartoon show, and most of us have grown up watching this show. One of the latest Thanksgiving movies, aired in 2020. The movie depicts Arthur preparing a Thanksgiving parade with his friends.

Winnie the Pooh

New generations may not expect to watch this on Thanksgiving evening. However, for children who have been growing since 2000, this cartoon show will bring their childhood back, watching this show on their Thanksgiving holiday.

Garfield’s Thanksgiving Day

While everyone is looking for the best thanksgiving movies, you can enjoy this cartoon show. Family members would love to immerse back in their childhoods watching Garfield, and the newer generations will also love to watch this unique show.

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