Brain Hacks: 4 Secrets to Learn Faster and Increase Your Memory

Learning brain hacks help an individual to control and process his brain. Your brain or mind responds to your feelings associated with your physical, psychological, and social changes. For example, missing out on a birthday party, getting late for your college class, and the pressure of assignments. Surroundings and situations create an impact on the brain. In most cases, people tend to respond negatively to crisis, anxiety, sadness and jealousy when they are unaware of hacking the human mind. Therefore, it is important to learn mind hacking techniques to control every situation. There are also brain hacks for studying, which help improves memory.

Now let us move in learning the brain hacks for studying.

#1 Set Up the Strategies to Manage Your Study Time

Following these study tips to manage your study will help you to learn faster and retain that knowledge for a long time.

Why does studying start feeling so tiring shortly after you sit to study? Simply because you have not developed the habit of paying attention to a particular subject for a certain amount of time and you have responded more to the tendency to be in the comfort zone.

How to overcome this and build a persistent habit of studying?

  • Create a fixed time to study and maintain the same time every day. The most common excuse we make is, “I will just start after 5 minutes”. There is a possibility that we are engaged in other activities, but it is suggested to withdraw yourself from everything for only that specific period of time. Gradually your mind will get accustomed to paying attention. Therefore, you will learn faster during that specific fixed period of time.
  • Find a suitable place to study away from all distractions, unwanted noises and, most importantly, social media.
  • Stay committed. Always make a certain target to achieve before you sit to study. Instead of setting up the time to finish your studies, focus on completing your objective for the day.

#2 Is teaching one of the effective brain hacks for studying?

After you cover a lesson, you need to schedule a revision for it. However, it is more fun and effective to revise your lessons when you explain them to someone once you learn them. Teaching not only helps to recapitulate what you have learned but also helps to retain it for a long time and helps you to realize how well you understood what you learned.

#3 Enrich Your Diet with Plenty of Vitamin E, B12, Protein, and Fibre

Catering to a healthy diet improves brain functioning and overall body performance. Enrich your diet with protein, minerals, and vitamins, which are found in green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish. Breakfast is known as the brain food-

  • make sure to add a heavy meal to breakfast,
  • and don’t skip.

#4 Sleep

Proper sleeping habit not only promote your brain functioning and improves memory, but it also helps prevent several physical ailments. An adequate amount of sleep at night makes you feel energetic to start your day, and you will remain in a positive mood for the rest of the day. The most important thing to know is that when we sleep, our brain combines all the information that we learned and stores them in our memory.

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