Career Myths That You Must Know to Survive in Any Industry

A tough task is career planning. When you design your career, you must pay attention to several factors. However, there are many fallacies about careers that you might hear from your friends or family, and this could affect your choice. This article aims to debunk such career myths so that you may make the greatest choices for yourself.

5 common Career Myths and Facts

choose a career that is relevant to your degree

This is one of the biggest mistakes to be made. According to a 2019 study, education is only sometimes related to the chosen occupation. The majority of graduates choose a profession unrelated to their field of study. For instance, we frequently observe engineering applicants entering the modelling or creative industries. Choosing a career is entirely different from what you did while in school. This is still a misconception, even though it might not be true for some professions like medicine or law.

Joining an internship can help you make the right call!

An appropriate age to shift careers exists

In no way! There is no age limit for changing careers, so this statement is false. According to a 2018 study, 61% of workers who changed occupations for various reasons were older than 45 when they did so. If you believe your current career is not giving you what you deserve, you can shift your career to a different field.  If it is not your passion, you will struggle to feel contentment.

Networking promotes career advancement

While somewhat accurate, this is only sometimes the case. You might not have enough connections and networking if you are starting. However, you can still go for your dreams. You can network and establish connections over time. Other crucial elements, such as attention and skills, are essential for job advancement. So, career advancement is only partially facilitated by networking. It should serve as something other than a constant reference point.

Your abilities are average

Everyone has unique, exceptional abilities. You must identify extraordinary abilities within yourself that can advance you. You shouldn’t think too highly of yourself or try to find things only for you. Careful planning can help you advance in your profession.

Given how cutthroat the industry is, expansion is unlikely

Industry competition can be a positive sign. It shows that you have a wide range of options. So, you shouldn’t interpret it negatively. Keep concentrating and think of it as a growth approach. This will eventually aid in your development.

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