How to Write an Essay Using Chicago Style Citation?

Did you find a marvelous essay topic idea for your assignment but then be startled to see this rare citation style? Perhaps you wished that you knew the Chicago citation style. By the time you reach the end of our online assignment guide, you will also learn how to properly cite the sources using Chicago-style citations.

What is the Chicago/Turabian Citation Format?

Before coming to the Tutorial, it is essential to understand the concept properly. This will help you understand the rest much easier. We know the citations, and most of us who have already worked on school or university assignments know the citation format very well. Despite the fact how overwhelming citations can be, it is important to keep notes of all the sources from which we have gathered information. This is done to make sure that we don’t miss any citations and avoid plagiarism.

Chicago Style Citation Guide

Now let’s get to know the structure of the Notes-Bibliography System; then, we will also discuss the steps to structure the author’s name and date of publication.

Bibliography Guide:

  • During paraphrasing, giving a summary, or direct quote, you must use an endnote whenever you place information from a source.
  • In the bibliography system, the first citation in an essay can be written in the shortened Chicago Citation format.
  • The sources from which you have extracted the information to write your essay must also be mentioned at the end of the page in the form of footnotes.
  • In case the paper does not need a bibliography, you can include full details of each author while citing the source.
  • Also, consider the shortened Chicago style format if you need to cite the same source multiple times.
  • If one of the sources has its bibliography, then you do not require to form a bibliography to quote them. Instead, you can write the full details of the sources you have included in your essay.

Author Name and Date

Include the date and month of publication in the bibliography

While presenting a bibliography and in-text citations, make use of different punctuations and reference list

Use the parenthetical references

Organize your bibliography in proper alphabetical order as per the Chicago format guide

Why was the Chicago Style Citation Assigned in the First Place?

The citation is not one of the very common formats which are given in writing your essay assignment. Let’s find out what makes this citation format to be added to the list and in what ways it can be useful for us.

  • If we see from the aspect of detailing, the Chicago style leaves the MLA and Apa behind.
  • While using the Chicago referencing style format, you can have two options. You can select whether to use the digital version of a particular source or wish to find it in the printed copy.
  • In Apa and MLA, there is only one citation style you can use to structure your essay. This is different in case of Chicago style. The format lets the user freely take information from sources, irrespective of its origin and structure.
  • Now you can also use the Chicago-style format as an online generator. But we suggest carefully reading the guidelines in this guide. This will help you to know whether the automated citation is useful or not.
  • Avoid plagiarism by getting comfortable with assembling all the referencing sources in a list.

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