CV for Internship: How to Write a Perfect Resume?

Applying with a proper CV for internship is ideal for students after their course completion and also for undergraduate candidates. An internship is a wise decision, especially when you are pursuing your studies because it helps you acquire prior work experience and better understand your career field. Internships offered by companies can be paid and also unpaid. However, it varies among companies; some even provide work from home or office. The internship duration period may also differ. On average, an internship duration can last from 2 – 6 months. Working as a trainee in an internship improves the skills and knowledge of a student or fresher, which later puts them in an advantageous position when they work as a full-time employee in a company. However, applying for an internship is almost as difficult as it can be while applying for a full-time job as a fresher or academic pursuer. As a fresher or student, it is important to know how to design your CV for internship that it shows the relevancy of your profile to the recruiter suitable for the job.

How should your resume format appear if you are a fresher or an undergraduate?


Ready to get your first internship? Requirements of every company may differ in terms of skills, hiring budget, time flexibility, location and experiences. Therefore, before applying, it is suggested to spend some time reading the job description. This helps the candidate select his preferred internship, which matches his profile eligibility. Secondly, after selecting a company, you should study about the background, work culture and opportunities in the company. Then, if the candidate thinks that the company is ideal for which he should work, then he can simply use the information to add to your resume format and interview to show the interviewer how your objectives can serve their goals.

Personal Contact Information

The personal contact information must be clearly mentioned as per your citizenship id.

Current Residential Address

  • Contact email id
  • Contact mobile number
  • Provide a link to your professional profiles like Linkedin

Write an Attractive Objective Statement in Your CV for Internship

An objective statement is a crucial part of resume format for students, freshers and experienced professionals. The objective statement should represent your visions, career goals, and objectives in a way that it is convincing to the recruiter that you are fit for the role of the internship.


This segment holds a major place of concern in your CV for internship. This segment of your CV will reflect all the technical skills, soft skills and your strong factors. The main purpose of adding this section is for recruiters; when several candidates have equal qualifications and certificates, then the recruiter hires only the candidate who has more skills in comparison to other candidates.

Work Experience

This is one of the most major aspect of your internship resume. Since students or freshers hold no full-time working experience, it is suggested that they mention their project handling and any short-term assignments they completed.

Educational Qualification

This section is mandatory to add to your internship resume. Include all your qualifications, such as secondary, senior secondary, graduation, post-graduation course, and vocational training programs. Mention the name of institutes, universities, the years of completion of each course and the marks obtained. If the student has any academic excellence record, then he/she must highlight those.

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