Difference between thesis and research paper & Definition

It goes without saying that your supervisors have discussed the phrases “research paper” and “thesis” with you, especially if you are a postgraduate or doctorate student. What do those phrases actually mean? Do you need help understanding the distinction between the two terms? Here, we have specifically discussed the definitions of a thesis and a research paper for your understanding. We have also outlined the writing style of the thesis vs research paper. The key difference lies in the originality required. A thesis demands original research and the contribution of new knowledge to the field, while a research paper primarily synthesizes existing literature.

What Is a Research Paper?

It is one academic paper that is written as part of the subject. Additionally, it doesn’t even count as a separate subject or module. Students should undertake independent research for this kind of paper and present their findings. They will frequently be requested to write about research paper themes for assignments or homework in an academic setting.

Describe the thesis.

A dissertation or thesis is a long academic document that requires much research. Typically, students write it to get a diploma or a university degree. A thesis is, in essence, a capstone project.

Difference Between Thesis and Research Paper

The primary difference between a thesis and a research paper is their purpose and scope. Their goals, writing style, and specific elements are the same.

In this part, let’s examine the primary distinction.


A research paper is typically written to increase knowledge, but a thesis is written to get a university degree. The readers prefer reading a research article when they want to learn anything new, which is a key distinction between them.


A thesis is typically longer than a research paper because it is written to get a university degree. In essence, a research paper is about developing the dissertation’s core, so collecting evidence and data is critical.

Important Elements

A thesis’ abstract is an important component. It will give you a general sense of the research despite being brief.  The title, abstract, introduction, research methods, findings/results, analysis/interpretation of results, and conclusion are all crucial components of a research paper.

Supervision Required

A thesis can be completed under the supervision of any supervisor assigned by the university. Students usually do not get a supervisor while writing a research paper. You can take the help of your experts, who either guide you or write the paper for you.


In particular, a dissertation is only deemed finished once the students have finished their oral exams. The oral examination often happens after the students turn in their thesis proposals. The oral examination also includes presenting the thesis to the thesis committee. The thesis committee may ask the students a few questions that they must respond to. The outcome, however, depends on both the thesis’s content and the oral test. On the other hand, a research paper is only deemed finished if both its content and plagiarism have been checked.


Compared to other academic writings, a thesis has a higher need for originality. As a result, consider the originality of your research ideas when selecting subjects for your dissertation.

Summing Up

Hopefully, by this point, you have a solid understanding of the distinctions between a research paper and a thesis. More specifically, you need to be well-versed in your field and have good research techniques to create any academic paper.

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