Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics for UK College Students

In this blog, we have prepared a list of dissertation topics based on digital marketing for university students studying in the United Kingdom. Therefore, you need not to worry. The digital marketing dissertation topics list is divided into several subcategories to help you effortlessly select a dissertation topic for your assignment.

    Digital marketing is currently among the most popular topics; your dissertation assignment may be on the topic. The concept of online marketing is complex, with several divisions and categories and several different forms of digital marketing. However, don’t worry; you do not need to go through all the core modules of digital marketing to write your dissertation assignment. Check out all these Dissertation topics for UK college students.

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics for MBA

In this section, we have only prepared suggestions for MBA dissertation topics related to digital marketing.

  • What do you think about the impact of customer psychology on digital marketing?
  • What is the significance of pop-up ads?
  • Explain the importance of digital marketing in understanding customer requirements.
  • Can a small-scale business reach a higher-scale consumer base?
  • Compare any two forms of digital marketing and discuss the results of web traffic generated from both forms of digital marketing.
  • The rise of mobile NFC and smart payment mediums. Useful in increasing sales or not?
  • Customer interacting with employees and customer interacting with machines. What should be the ideal ratio to maximize sales?

Dissertation Assignment Topic ideas on SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Since the evolution of social media websites, thousands of businesses have reached new heights of success by reaching up to higher targeted audiences. Find out the dissertation assignment topics on social media marketing.

  • How are social media platforms impacting the nation’s political affairs?
  • Describe the positive influence and the negative influence of social media on teenagers.
  • Discuss how social media has changed the world of the fashion industry.
  • How fruitful can social media marketing build a company’s brand awareness?
  • What role do influencers and celebrities play in the online marketing world?

Online Marketing Dissertation Assignment Topics

  • The journey towards shifting from a traditional business into an online business.
  • How would you describe personalized digital marketing?
  • Analyze consumer behaviour and state the factors that may impact consumer engagement, traffic, and conversions.
  • Formulate an email marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and conversions.
  • What is zero moment of truth? Discuss the different stages a customer goes through when buying a product.
  • Customer interacting with employees vs customer interacting with machines, which one of them can lead to higher sales?

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