Discursive Essay Topics – Latest Topic Collections 2023

Have you finally received the discursive essay assignments? Don’t worry! This will not be the hardest assignment you have written until now if you read this article to the bottom. Once you are given the task to write this essay, there are generally two scenarios – start writing upon a topic your instructor has assigned, or begin the topic hunt to write your paper. Although you need to spend less time if your instructor has already given you a topic, there is also a disadvantage, i.e. the essay topic may be complex and difficult to research. Therefore, when you are free to select a topic to write the essay on, what is the reasonable step you’d take? Yes, finding an easy topic which has easily accessible information. This is why we have listed all the current discursive essay topics in one place for you to find a suitable topic easily.

20+ Discursive Essay Topics

In a discursive essay assignment, you need to either argue or suggest a solution based on the topic. You may need to write your essay differently based on which discursive essay type it is. There are three categories: an argument for and against, a solution suggestion, and an opinion essay. Therefore carefully read your assignment guidelines to check for any of these above specifications.

Good Discursive Essay Topics

  1. Does it cause an invasion of the privacy of civilians due to the use of military drones?
  2. Do energy drinks pose any age restriction? What will happen if a person below 18 consumes it?
  3. Did Shakespeare make a good call featuring romanticism in the suicide of Romeo and Juliet?
  4. Should we boycott plastic water bottles?
  5. Importance of freedom students should be given to choose a course they are interested in studying.
  6. Is it possible to reincarnate extinct species by making their clones?
  7. Role of college education in the journey to becoming successful in a specific profession.
  8. Do you believe that political authorities are involved in illegal activities?
  9. Should steroids be banned?
  10. Role and contributions of the internet in the modern world

Best Discursive Essays

  1.  Do sports and music actually prove to give relief from stress?
  2. What is consumer debt, and how can it impact purchasing ability?
  3. Why is uniform strictly followed in school and not in college?
  4. Can virtual reality be a potential threat to the younger generations?
  5. Are there any disadvantages of globalization? If not, explain the benefits caused by it.
  6. Does recycling household waste contribute to a healthy environment?
  7. Is it cutting on our capabilities the more we become dependent on technologies?
  8. Does it violate animal rights if we keep animals in zoos and aquariums?
  9. Have dating sites become a new solution for finding our true love?
  10. What are the most effective methods to keep children from drug addiction?
  11. Explain cryptocurrency from your point of view.

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