Discussion Post Essay Writing: Tips to Write an Successful Essay


Discussion posts are the main source of interaction between the students and instructors regarding the syllabus, modules and lessons in online classes. The main motive for writing a good discussion post is to portray an overall understanding of the syllabus and lessons and to present an evidential argument.

There are 6 key ways of academic writing to successfully write a good discussion post that will draw the attention of your classmates and professors to respond.


Before jumping into the assignment, the first step is to go through your assigned readings minutely. Secondly, find similarities and ways to build up a connection between the texts and your life. Concentrate on reading to attain the depths. Finally, you are all set to begin! Now it will be easier for you to present a meaningful response.

Read Prompts Carefully

Allow a considerable time for self-evaluation to understand the instructions before writing the assignment. During the self-evaluation, make sure that you have found all the answers to the following questions.

  • Purpose: What are the questions and assigned reading to which you are supposed to write a good post?
  • Particulars: This is a vital stage where you need to keep the instructions in mind. For instance, word limit, submission deadline, and the assigned sources to collect the data from.
  • Response Type: Observe if the mode of responding has been assigned to be based upon your personal experience, finding a solution to a problem, making a comparison between two ideas, or presenting an evidential argument.
  • Formatting: what is the assigned formatting instructed?
  • Expectations: How will your assignment be checked?

Preparing the Assignment

Prepare a sound argument and gather enough evidence from the given sources to back up all the facts you have stated.

Try Unique Ideas

Step out of the crowd and do something extra that your classmates are missing out on. Research the topic, gather all points together and again research those points further. Only then will you be able to come up with unique ideas and creativity.

Proof-read and Editing

Once the post is written, it is mandatory to evaluate the overall assignment keenly.

During the evaluation:

  • Make sure that your ideas and statements have successfully emphasized the topic of discussion.
  • Make sure that it clearly reflects on your response that you have understood the topic.
  • Make sure that your response contains a unique point of view that your classmates can challenge.
  • Make sure to check all your grammar, spelling and writing styles.

Post Response

Copy your final written assignment and post it to the discussion forum.

Perform a quick check to see in case of any formatting errors while uploading.

After it has been posted, engage with your classmates, add values and always try to maintain an integral position in the discussion.

It takes time and consistency if you are willing to improve your academic writing. For a full tutorial and assistance on how to make your discussion post unique and challenging to your classmates, visit topgrademakers.com

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