Distractions in Online Classes And Ways to Deal With Them

Numerous schools and universities are now conducting online classes. Especially after the pandemic, teachers have become more dependent on online mediums of teaching. However, there lies certain distractions in online classes for students who even tend to get distracted during classroom lectures. It may get difficult for such students to benefit from e-learning. In this article, we will discuss the disadvantages of e-learning for certain students and put forth 6 useful tips to deal with distractions when attending classes from home through technological mediums.

Turn off all electronic devices.

The main source of distraction is your favourite electronic devices which you prefer spending your time with most at home. You are more likely to get distracted if you keep it near your phone, earplugs, tablets, or a sample player.

Social Media Platform

Turn off the notification sounds from all social media accounts. While texting can distract you from studies, it is found that teenagers and adults tend to be distracted the most when scrolling through the news feed of Facebook and Instagram.

Take Breaks

Allow yourself to take breaks! Concentrating on your class at a stretch can make you more prone to get distracted. Therefore allowing yourself to take breaks at intervals between classes can keep you energetic and more focused while attending online lecture sessions.

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Why is it necessary? If somehow, you are lagging behind and getting distracted by sources which are forming inside yourself, then they are probably thoughts that are diverting your mind from focusing on what is vital. Learning to reprogram your subconscious mind incorporates switching into healthy lifestyle practices.

Participate in the Class

After you join the online meeting session, stay active after greeting your teacher and responding to your teacher during the class. Present your questions and ask your teacher to help you clarify your queries. Therefore, you will stay more engaged in class, and your mind will be far from distractions.

Set Reminders to help you limit the social media.

You can prefer a screen time measuring application. The application will help you to keep measure and know how long you have been using an application. Once you find out the time, you will know whether or not you should limit it.

Keep your Phone Away

One of the most common distractions in online classes can be your mobile. During classroom teaching, there may be several scenarios when you want to see your mobile and check the cricket match scores or a quick peek at your messenger. At home, the urge may be even greater because now there are no teachers to supervise, and you can easily escape their guard to check your phone during online classes. However, the downside will be on you. You will face challenges and doubts when you receive the assignments, and you will have so many queries and need clarification for hours. This why you should stay focused in your class and keep your mobile phones away when you are joining the online class

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