Essay Structure: Step-By-Step Guide to Form A Brilliant Assignment

To form a high-quality essay structure that gives readers an appealing look, you must thoroughly plan to write an outline for your essay. At this point, you must arrange all the main points to write them into paragraphs. This is the key factor to consider if you are serious about pulling off an A + grade for that essay assignment. Now there are certain essay writing services available which are also a valid option to score the same. But if you have a passion for writing and are willing to take up the challenge, then stay with us till the end of this article to learn to craft a perfect essay outline.

Why is it Important to Make an Essay Outline?

An essay outline is a strategic plan to methodically structure your essay. In this process, you need to assemble all the points in order and write them down in a properly organized way to form paragraphs. Outlining gives a solid essay structure which attracts the readers, and it also plays a great role in improving the quality of your research paper.

How To Make an Outline Plan for my Essay Structure?

Now we are aware of the importance of outlining. Moving onwards, we will learn: “how to actually make the essay outline?”

Points to remember before the Attempt

  • The essay structure varies in different lengths and complexity of the essay topic.
  • Target to structure your essay in a 5 paragraph outline.
  • Include statements from at least 5-8 different perspectives to present a logical argument regarding the topic.


  • Write an attractive hook for your essay.
  • Introduce the point which will be covered in the essay
  • Write a thesis


  • Cover all the points which you mentioned in the first paragraph
  • Present an argument from at least 5-8 different perspectives.
  • Present a strong argument
  • Use evidence to support your statements.


  • Mention all the points which are covered in the essay
  • Include your opinion.

This is the most general essay outline which is applied in most of the essays. However, essay writing professionals are experts in playing with structure and crafting a suitable outline by judging the way of approach intended in the argumentation.

Learning to Diverge the Outline Strategy in Different Essays

Persuasive Essay

The focal point of writing a persuasive essay is to emphasize and prove the points mentioned in the thesis statement without showing any disagreement.

Argumentative Essay

In writing an Argumentative essay, you must make use of persuasive language. When you are developing the outline, the focus point must be on disagreement or dispute.

Cause and Effect Essay

While planning the outline for this essay, your main idea should be focused on presenting clarity of a certain event and its causes.

Informative Essay

In this essay type, other than providing an argument, you have to fall back on facts and rely on evidence to support your statements.

Narrative Essay

While writing a narrative essay, you must follow and emphasize your ideas from one specific view. The systematic approach adopted by our essay writing experts while addressing this style is most constructive.

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