Essay Writing Tips: How to Write an Exemplification Essay?

Seeing this unknown essay category can bring up questions in our minds. Students will likely get scared when attempting the exemplification essay for the first time. Students, at this point, start wondering about this unknown essay category and become tense to figure out the solution to write this essay. Therefore, has brought up a list of essay writing tips, which, if you follow, you can also easily write an exemplification essay.

What do you mean by an exemplification essay?

Before coming to the essay writing tips, let’s first understand the concept. The meaning exemplification is an illustration or a typical example of something. This kind of essay falls within an argumentative or analytical essay category. If you have written an argumentative or analytical essay before, that solves half of the problem. However, there is a minor difference, while writing an argumentative or analytical essay, you have to stress the facts, quotations and examples, as it is important to back up your statements and ideas with valid evidence. On the other hand, while writing an exemplification paper, you only need to focus on examples solely.

Follow the 6 Essay Writing Tips to Write an Exemplification Essay

The first attempt is always difficult, especially if you don’t have a proper execution plan. If you have been assigned to write this essay for the first time, go through the steps till the end, or you can also order to write yours from our essay writing service.

Select a topic to write the essay

If you have a good topic to work on, you are already one step ahead. Always try to look for a complex topic to find plenty of information about it to write your essay. Choose a topic that is:

  • Related to your interest
  • Useful for the readers
  • Interesting
  • Specific


Now that you have a topic for your essay, the step is to research to find information and materials you can add to your essay. An exemplification essay is based on details and examples, so you must stress assembling sufficient information to back up the statements and examples.

Assemble your researched material in the correct form

After gathering all the useful information and data, you now have to analyze and organize the researched data methodically.

Find a good essay sample to get influenced.

We recommend you spend some time focusing on a few essay samples and understanding the structure before writing. You can find exemplification essay samples more easily accessible at our academic writing service.

Forming an Outline

What should the essay format look like?

The Introduction Segment

The first paragraph always serves as the introduction, and it must include the following:

  • An attractive hook to attract the attention of your readers
  • Introduce the main points which will be discussed in the essay

The Body Segment

As per the essay format, this adds to be the most vital segment. All the mentioned points in your thesis statement should be discussed in the body paragraphs. Your explanation should have enough clarity to illustrate the main ideas and to outline this section, you must:

  • Add a minimum of three paragraphs
  • Use separate paragraphs to discuss the examples from the topic
  • Use 2 examples to discuss a particular sub-point in each paragraph


Prepare a brief description of all the points covered in the essay.

Proof-Read and Edit your Essay

Before submitting, proofread your essay and see if it can improve the quality. Students often tend to skip this important part, but this step is crucial to be followed. You can enlist your friends or family for this role or hire professional writers from who are ready to help with proofreading and editing your essay for you.

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