Good Topics for a Personal Essay – 25+ Unique Topics

University or high school students need to submit several essay assignments and personal essays are one of them. Personal essays are a medium to express your own experiences, opinions, and ideas. Therefore, if you have gathered good topics for a personal essay, you are more likely to finish writing this essay faster than your classmates. How to write a personal essay? Your primary objective must be to maintain a good writing flow that interests the readers in learning about your real-life experiences. You will need to elaborate on your experience and break them into –

  • Firstly, what caused the situation?
  • Secondly, what decision have you made?
  • Thirdly. how did your decision work out?
  • Lastly, what did you learn from the experience?

Good Topics for a Personal Essay – Choose a Topic to Write Your Essay

Personal essays are the most fun and interesting assignments in high school or university. Furthermore, This article will save a bunch of your time which you may have needed to spend on research. Read this article till the end to find unique ideas to write about for an essay. Our experts have collected all the below topics after rigorous research.

Personal Essay Topics to do Essays on Yourself

Check out the topics to do essays on.

  1. How did you overcome the biggest fear of your life?
  2. Can you be a good friend as a co-worker?
  3. Could you switch off all your devices and live without using your phone, computer or internet for a year?
  4. What is your dream destination to go to on your first trip abroad?
  5. What would it be if you are asked to name the most important item in your house?
  6. Your happiest memory.
  7. What is that one personal trait for which you envy someone and wish you had it too?
  8. Have you ever needed to test your physical capacity when encountering an animal wandering in the wild? If not, how did you handle the situation?
  9. What are the sources that you think are causing environmental pollution?
  10. What games did you enjoy with your friends in your childhood?

Personal Experience Essay Ideas to Write about for an Essay

Next, there are ideas to write essay about personal narrative.

  1. How did you feel the first moment when you finally learned to ride your bicycle?
  2. Have you ever experienced being overweight due to an unhealthy diet? How did you change your lifestyle and diet to lose weight?
  3. Have you ever encountered a cute puppy and chose to bring it home with you?
  4. Was there a situation in your life where you had disappointed someone?
  5. How did you escape from a dangerous situation in your life?
  6. What was the proudest thing that you achieved in your life?
  7. What was the favourite place that you liked to visit the most in your childhood?
  8. Discuss about your experience when you met a public figure for the first time
  9. What was the biggest argument you had with your sibling?
  10. What was the biggest failure in your life?

Personal Essay Topics to do Essays on Argument

  1. Why is it important for all the people in the neighbourhood to take care of our surroundings?
  2. Why should we encourage pesticide-free vegetation?
  3. What should be the positive approach towards personal growth?
  4. What is more important – health or wealth?
  5. Significance of male and female roles in a family.
  6. How would you spend your weekend without money and technology?

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