How to get permanent residency? | A Guide for International Students

Thousands of aspirants set their journey towards international destinations to pursue higher studies. From the moment they land in an entirely new nation, many struggles await them on their path to obtaining a degree. In this blog, we will show you how to get permanent residency in nations where students travel the most, such as the UK, Germany, and the Irel, to obtain an earned degree.

International students prefer to pursue their studies in the listed nations for various reasons. Those are a secure future in a good economic country, privileges of work permit, advanced education system, convenience to get a visa, etc.

As an international student, it will be an extra perk if you know how to get permanent residency in a foreign country. Find out!

Search for Industries Where Demand is Big

Firstly, if you want to settle down abroad for the long term, you must sustain your job. Therefore, choosing an industry with a huge demand for talent and skills will be very helpful. You should manage a part of your day to join any internship you can crack in such fields. As a result, you will grow practical working merits alongside your education.

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Skilled Migration Programmes

Secondly, skilled migration programmes are the ticket to gaining permanent residency in a foreign country.

What are the programmes for skilled migration?

It is a scheme that welcomes overseas professionals who possess skills in specific fields and are willing to make positive contributions towards the country’s economic welfare. The scheme requires specific academic qualifications. One must be able to speak and write with proficiency in the country’s official language.

Get Work Permit Followed by a Post-Graduation Course

Lastly, you will get a post-graduation work permit from any foreign country where you desire to pursue your studies. Let us explain to you. Suppose you chose to travel to Canada to pursue your Post-graduate studies. In that case, based on your skills and performance, you can easily avail yourself of job opportunities in Canada for at least 3 years or more.

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