How to Make a Critique Paper for an Article? | Guide for Students

Students must submit various assignment papers and homework during the academic year. However, some of them almost pull off the tasks within the deadline, and those who find it challenging often look for online homework help. Among all those regular homework and assignment papers, there is one task where most students stumble, i.e. an article critique. Students often seek answers to understand the research article critique. An article critique is an assignment in which the students are given a specific research paper and instructed to read it and write a response. Therefore, if you need clarification on how to make a critique paper for an article, You can refer to the following objectives.

Read the research article, find out the strong and weak sides of the statements, and then evaluate how good the author is at spotlighting its sources.

How to Make a Critique Paper for an Article?

Students who have found the answer to “what is a research article critique” often look for solutions to critique an article. The main objective is to write a response based on your judgment regarding the validity and meaningfulness of the author’s work. Critical thinking is the key. The main motive of an author behind writing an article is to deliver a message and influence the reader’s eyes. Therefore the students need to apply their research skills to identify the difference between strong and weak pieces of information used in an argument.

We have discussed this in detail to guide you to perform a critique for an article.

Read the Article

In the first step, you can follow the rules mentioned in the assignment prompt and start reading the article. Students often read the article and get confused about what a research article critique is. Therefore it is a wise choice to look for essay help to learn how to make a critique paper for an article. However, if you are willing to enjoy the journey of writing your first article critique, you must take the first step seriously. The reader will analyze the author’s work and can only do it if he reads it multiple times.

Once you have an answer to these following questions, then your research article critique is ready.

Why is the author considered an expert in his field in the article?

Are there particular pieces of evidence that make the author’s opinion a valid point? How well does the author understand the concept of the topic? What opinion do the other field experts hold about the author of this article?

What is it that the author tried to express in his thesis?

What do you understand by the thesis of the author? Did the author succeed in delivering his message through his thesis writing?

What audience has the author targeted in his article?

Has the author dedicated the research article to the general audience or a specific category?

Does the argument hold validity?

Are they genuine sources from where the author has gathered the information to form the arguments?

Did the author manage to clarify the conclusion?

Are there lacking areas in the logic of the statements that the author has shared?

Did the author manage to show a clear outcome in his work? How much effective are the outcomes?

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