How to Make Notes During Lectures?

The real challenge faced by those who have attended a lecture at the end of all the classes. A few students somehow managed to make notes during lectures, while the rest of the students used to be after them so that they could collect the notes. In this blog, you will see the obvious ways and additional tricks that will make you take notes faster and never miss any points during a lecture session.

Make Notes During Lectures

It isn’t easy to take down lecture notes and write down all the points. Therefore, focus on making concise notes so that you can relate and recall the entire point with the help of a phrase. You must rewrite and elaborate on the notes as soon as possible after the lecture session ends.

Record Lecture sessions

It is problematic when you are left behind while making notes from a speech because you are a slow writer and could not make concise notes of the lecture. Once the lecturer delivers a speech, they do not repeat the same sentence but do not worry. You can record the live lecture session. That does not mean you should skip writing notes, but it is to take a backup of the lecture in case you missed a few points. However, keep preparing the notes simultaneously because it will save you time later, so writing down as much as possible is better than sitting idle.


Even if you come to school well-rested and have a sound sleep of eight hours, you may doze off quite often in a boring lecture. Have some coffee or tea, whichever helps you to stay awake and focus on the class. Keeping your attention while in the lecture session will save you much time as you can understand the fundamentals of the chapter easily.

Do not Quit

Yes, we know that paying attention during the entire lecture is impossible, and sometimes, unknowingly our attention withdraws from the lecture and we can miss out on some points. It isn’t easy to control our minds from chasing thoughts unless we know how to control our subconscious minds. However, in this case, you can leave a gap as much as you need to fill it up later and continue writing down what you can. This is better than writing the entire lecture after the session when everyone is having fun and chit-chatting in the class.

You will not achieve an academic grade on your notes!

To be a fast writer, you must understand that only you will read these notes afterwards. Therefore, learn which type of note-taking skill suits you. We suggest you use as many short forms as possible while replying to a boring friend’s message online. For example, write “morning” as “mrng” or “great” as “gr8”.

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