How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Studying?

“I couldn’t complete my assignment, and the submission deadline is tomorrow!” Procrastination is the worst habit in student life, and if you have a tendency to skill your learning sessions or homework, then it is possible that you have formed procrastination. Since you have developed this habit, you must learn how to stop procrastinating and start studying.

“I have a deadline; I need to finish my assignment.”

“Oh, the latest web series just released today! Watching one episode won’t hurt. I will have enough time to write my assignment afterwards.”

“The web series was fun, so I watched two episodes. I will do my assignments tomorrow.”

“I woke up so early; I will just sleep a little longer and then work on my assignment.”

“So many notifications! Lets check my phone for a bit”.

Does it sound familiar to you? It is called procrastinating when unnecessarily delaying your daily tasks and prioritising other activities over important ones. We all do postpone urgent assignments or homework because we want to make sure to experience student life fun. However, if you do it repeatedly, you fall into the habit of procrastination. Once it becomes a habit, paying attention to your studies becomes difficult, and you will experience distractions very easily. As a result, it is evitable for students to suffer from lower grades.

How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Studying?

The escape door from Procrastination is only a little further if you are reading this article. You have acknowledged your weakness and came here to find out how to break laziness and procrastination. Got till here? You are not a procrastinator but learn the ways to avoid procrastination.

Set Up Smart Goals

The first step is easy. Having a goal gives you a purpose for what you are doing. When you set smart goals, you will be interested in the work. Smart goals suggest realistic goals which are possible for you to achieve. For example, if you are preparing for the annual sports day and the days left are two months, then you need to set a target to cover a distance running which is possible for you to achieve. You can simply begin your preparation by only covering 1-2 kilometres in the first month and reach up to 4 kilometres in the second month.

Identify the causes of Procrastination

“Why do I procrastinate so much?” Identify the times when you are most likely to procrastinate during the day. Then ask yourself about the causes. It can cause due to social media, phone addictions, fear, anxiety, and depression. For example, if social media is distracting you from following your regular study schedule, then you need to block your social media apps.

Remember: Location also matters. If you think minutely, then there must be some places where you tend to procrastinate. It can be the drawing room or your own room. In such cases, switch places to study or “assignment help”.

Break down The Task Into Bits and Pieces

How to stop postponing work? There are different types of procrastination, and fear is one of them. The whole assignment or an entire chapter may seem difficult to finish. Therefore, break the work into bits and pieces. For example, topic research, prepare the structure, introduction, write the body, and conclusion.

Build a circle healthy circle of friends to study in groups

Sometimes, finding the right friends circle for group studies solves most of your problems if you have been procrastinating a lot lately. Otherwise, you may need to be accountable for writing your own assignments on time.

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