How to Write a DBQ Essay Paper?

The academic challenges range from narrative essays to complex argumentative essay assignments. What is the meaning of DBQ? DBQ is among the number of challenging academic assignments that stress the students’ analyzing and observational skills. Students often wonder how to write a DBQ essay paper when they see this assignment for the first time. The assignment is designed to require the students to perform extensive research and take their thinking ability to the next level. The assignment plants essential skills within the students, which helps them to be sharp and obtain academic success.

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What is the Meaning of DBQ?

Students often sit bluntly in front of their assignment paper thinking “what is the meaning of DBQ? DBQ is the abbreviation of Document Based Question. The Document Based Question is an academic assignment paper which is a part of the AP U.S. History exam set by the United States university. It is important to understand “How to make a DBQ essay outline?” to be able to clear the paper. Students who want to clear the paper with decent marks need to have a strong knowledge of a certain topic and be familiar with a minimum of 3 to 10 good sources.

How to Make a DBQ Essay Outline?

Beginners may face the challenge of writing a DBQ essay. Therefore, we have discussed “How to make a DBQ essay outline?” in detail. The assignment paper includes an introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion.


An introduction is the opening paragraph of your essay. The first paragraph or the introduction attracts the attention of the readers and encourages them to read further. Mention the background of the topic in brief and include a valid source portraying a historical event related to the topic.


The thesis is included in the first paragraph, and you can provide evidence based on the main points you have gathered here. Write a brief description of the evidence that you will include to back up the statements in the body of your essay.


The body of your essay includes three different paragraphs. Each paragraph starts with a topic sentence where you must reflect on the topic uniquely, keeping the meaning the same. Use a separate paragraph to discuss the main point and use valid evidence to support the statements.


The conclusion is the ending paragraph of your essay. In this paragraph, you need to summarize all the points covered in the essay and all the evidence mentioned in the thesis. Finally, you can end your conclusion paragraph with a concluding sentence which appears to be a solution or a logical point which questions against the arguments.

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