How to Write a Thesis Statement For a Critique?

How do we define the term?

You need to maintain a logical flow in your writing with valid evidence whether you write a thesis statement for a critique, news journal or a common essay assignment. Analyzing an article or journal and putting forth valid points from the analysis is what we call an article critique or journal critique. In critique paper thesis statement, the writer’s main focus lies in writing a thesis statement. The writer must include all the main points of the article in the thesis statement.

How to Write a Thesis Statement For a Critique In 4 Steps?

Your primary focus should be upon the author’s main points. You need to analyze the journal and extract the main points the authors have put forward in their argument. Furthermore, you also need to suggest or add any points which can work as supporting points and make more clarity to the readers.

Step 1:

Remember to take notes. The moment you get on the work of analyzing a piece of writing, it is best to write it down immediately. Otherwise, you may forget it and miss out on a highly important point. All these notes will help you to formulate your ideas and present your suggesting points in the end. Focus minutely while reading, and identify the author’s tone, strengths, and weaknesses in the article.

Step 2:

While critiquing an article or a music essay, you need to make sure that your writing reflects the main points the author has used to write the argument. After evaluating the journal, briefly explain the main points or the response you have thought to write.

Step 3:

After reading it again and again, you finally know what the journal is about. Now put your understanding into text and write your response. Several rewriting attempts can help you form a clearer picture of your critique paper thesis statement. Furthermore, you can also check the other works of the author and identify if there are any new points of difference in the way of arguing. Moreover, if you explore more of those works, you will be able to understand how many practical and self-experienced facts the author reflects in his work.

Step 4:

Now that you are all set to write your first thesis sentence, you must remember one point. When you start writing the thesis, you must present it as a statement instead of a question. The thesis statement must reflect the fundamental analysis of the article. Therefore, revise the statement to see if some changes can be made.

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