How to Write an Explanatory Essay?

Are you stressing yourself at night and looking for how to write an explanatory essay?In an explanatory essay, the writer needs to present a perspective and discuss it, on a given topic. Before presenting the perspective and discussing it within the essay, the writer must perform thorough research and make sure that it’s valid. Explanatory essays generally show and hold other people’s views. An explanatory essay assignment is common for history or journalism students. The main idea behind these assignments is to assign students to explore facts and situations and present logical descriptions based on proof.

Explanatory Essay Preparation Tips

How to write an explanatory essay? Before starting to write this essay, you must know several explanatory essay preparation tips. In this section we have discussed some ways you can easily start writing your essay in no time.

  • While writing the essay, the main perspective should be presented combining both personal ideas and information gathered from research.
  • Always go with a topic in which there are easily available sources.
  • Look for reliable sources. Library books are always a good option but if you are looking to save time and find information online, then you can use google scholar platform.
  • Assemble all the information you gathered from the research and note all the sources so that you can easily cite them later.
  • Form a proper explanatory essay paper outline.
  • The above explanatory essay preparation tips are the pre-writing stage. Now it is much easier for you to start writing.

Topic Ideas for Explanatory Essay

The exploratory paper topic is normally assigned to the students but then the students need to think how to write an explanatory essay upon the topic. However, if the instructor asks the students to select their topics, then it is best to choose a neutral topic with easily accessible information. Below topic ideas for explanatory essay would suit best for your assignment.

  • What qualities does it someone to become a good friend?
  • Who is the person you look up to as your idol?
  • How can parents teach values to their children?
  • What are the unique practices that people from different cultures still obey today?
  • What does the word “responsibility” imply to adults and children?
  • Describe the person and how did they help you to change into a better version of yourself.
  • Does it affect a person’s personality if they have a sibling? If yes, then how?
  • How can we detect cyberbullying at this date?
  • What do you think about your generation, and what is the difference between your generation and previous generations?
  • How to manage finances and overcome financial crises?
  • Describe the evolution in technology that occurred in the past 10 years.

Explanatory Essay Paper Outline

The explanatory essay paper outline depends upon the length of the topic. However we have suggested using the common essay outline if the outline is not specifically mentioned in the assignment guidelines.


The opening paragraph of the essay is generally known as introduction. The first or the opening paragraph is responsible for attracting the attention of the readers. Therefore you need to keep it short, transparent, creative and to the point. An attractive introduction includes:

  • Hook
  • Background information
  • Thesis statement

The hook is an attention grabber and you can apply your creativity but make sure that it reflects upon the topic. The background information generally includes the main ideas and points which you will discuss in the essay. Finally, write the thesis statement to show the objective which you are trying to achieve through the essay.

Body Paragraph

The body paragraph of the essay includes extensive detailing and description of the main points and ideas mentioned in the introduction part. The basic principles must be followed to write an exceptional essay body.

  • Dedicate the essay body into three paragraphs.
  • Use separate paragraphs to discuss a single argument or a major point.
  • Always open the paragraph with a catchy topic sentence.
  • Support the topic sentence with evidence.
  • Elaborate the evidence further and adjust it to connect it with your argument.
  • Present the solution or the outcome of the argument to close each of the three paragraphs of your essay body.


The ending or the conclusion paragraph is also a crucial part of explanatory essay paper outline. The conclusion basically deals with summarizing the entire essay and bringing forth the covered points. To forge a conclusion paragraph like a pro, refer to the following principles.

  • Recap the thesis, and mark as done.
  • Mention all the topic sentences in the essay

Leave a final impression with the help of a solution or proving how an argument won and accomplished the objective.

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