Importance Of Storytelling And its Different Types of Benefits

The importance of storytelling is linked with many fields as it concerns teaching ethics, values, cultural norms and differences. It is the oldest form of teaching. We are living in stories. Stories define us, shape us, control us and make us. However, many human societies still need to have systematic literacy and tell stories. Telling stories is a natural function of the brain, like singing. Every single culture tells stories.

Importance of Storytelling

Stories are very important for child’s brains. Stories teach us about life, ourselves, and others. Storytelling helps children understand the importance of giving respect, and appreciate different cultures. The form of teaching is also useful for youngsters as it can help them form a positive attitude toward people from other religion, castes, communities and cultures.

Types of Storytelling

Oral Storytelling: This storytelling format is one of the earliest used till now. In light of modern technology, oral storytelling can reach millions of people simultaneously; radio and podcasting are medium to manage the audience.

Visual Storytelling: From ancient times, upgrading was the focus of building the next-generation model. Ancient people used cave walls for visual storytelling. Many themes in painting format are found on the cave walls behind the real observations of animal lifestyle, human survival characteristics, etc. With the progress of societies, the evolution of storytelling progressed alongside. Science and technology created many advanced, powerful mediums for visual storytelling, like television, Youtube, etc.

Written Storytelling: In humans’ very early phase, communication systems were based on short signals. An unstructured communication model was in use as a writing model. As evolution is nature, the needs of humans solved the unstructured format and created a structured model for better communication. We modern humans are using a filtered writing model. Alphabets, vowels, consonants, articles, prepositions, phrases, clauses, tenses, etc., are used for writing. Tree leaves were used earlier, pen-paper was very famous, and now we are using digital media, like, computers and software tools for writing.

Benefits Of Storytelling:

Storytelling has numerous benefits in education, business, and children’s brain development.

Importance of storytelling in the brain development of children:

The Great Scientist Albert Einstein had also expressed that it is important to tell stories to the young minds to make them smart. Furthermore, more stories can eventually make them excel as they tend to catch and learn faster this way. In light of the quote, children can get the proper atmosphere of understanding a valuable theme with joyfulness. When children hear a story for the first time, a magical moment is seen in their reactions, like, they sit enthralled, their mouths open, and their eyes wide.

With storytelling, children can play many games with purposeful thinking, talking, and visualizing different valuable aspects.

Storytelling is one of the great techniques to encode enthusiasm in children’s minds.

With all types of storytelling, children can be more creative. Stories are associated with many questions, and through different storytelling methods, the priority of “asking questions” ability can be developed in children’s minds.

Importance of storytelling in education:

Inventive Gentech Solutions LLP believes storytelling is a very important tool in education.

In terms of pedagogy and storytelling, Educators can provide their students opportunities to actively engage in other people’s narratives. Case studies and simulations are some ways to allow students to feel another person’s hardship and struggles.

Importance of storytelling in business:

  • Helps to engage the targeted audience
  • Create potential human connection
  • Are more memorable than numbers
  • Connects people emotionally and creates loyalty
  • Helps to humanize an organization to increase profit
  • Storytelling offers a competitive advantage
  • Create compelling marketing campaigns

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