Lean Business Plan: 8 Steps Guide to Write a Business Plan

A business plan is essential to provide a base and structure to give a foundation to your startup. A lean business plan focuses only on main factors and comparatively less time-consuming than writing a traditional business plan. In this article, topgrademakers.com have compiled the benefits of using this plan, its components and a step-by-step guide to writing the lean startup plan.

Why should you use this startup plan?

By utilizing the Lean business plan, an individual can avail significant benefits and advantages. Those are:

  • Stressing on the key factors for your business strategy and success
  • Provides a strategic plan which is easy to understand and follow-up
  • Provides a visionary depiction of your business model.
  • Presents a flexible and evolving strategy for growth and progress.
  • Requires less time to write in comparison to traditional business plans.

Components of Lean Business Startup Strategy

A lean business startup strategy consists of several elements to stress upon.


Identify your competitors and find out the alternative products that your customers may buy or use.


Identify the key sources of business expenses to come up with a strategic plan to operate the management smoothly.


A brief description or overview of your startup company.

Marketing and Advertising Activities

List down all the measures and strategies you will apply to make your product reach the target audiences.


In this section of your lean business plan, write upon the preparations you will take and the ways you will adapt to examine whether your business is eligible to come on board.

Partnership and Tie-ups

Research and find out whether there are any requirements to tie up with any other business to meet your business objectives.

Solutions to Problem

Showcase your business’s strengths by describing how your business operations prove to be helpful and solve your customers’ problems.

Revenue Generating Sources

Describe the ways or sources your business will generate revenue in future.

How to create a Lean Business Plan

Topgrademakers.com have successfully presented the 8 prime steps to write a business plan in this category.

Business definition

Write an attractive yet brief description that attracts potential customers and clarifies your company’s overview.


Write about a problem of your customers that your business focuses on resolving.


Identify the target audience of your business.

Marketing Strategy

In this section, you are required to observe and discuss the key strategies of your business to ensure growth and a higher conversion rate.

Assessing Finances

Identify and discuss your financial estimation and budget. Choose a business strategy which can cope within the budget.


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