Proper Adjective Definition and Examples

Common adjectives are not the only adjectives we use in our daily lives. Therefore, you will learn proper adjective definition and examples in this article.

In our daily lives we use adjectives to describe or qualify a particular place, people, things etc. Most of them are called common adjectives. For example, place – a crowded park, a beautiful village, a narrow lane, etc; person – tall person, fat boy, hard-working nurse, etc. things – gloomy weather, old car, expensive shoes, etc. What are proper adjectives? Proper adjectives also play the same role as common adjectives to describe places, things, and a person. However, proper adjectives are used to describe a name, for example, “Since you were born and grew up in Mexico, do you like Mexican films?”. In this sentence, the word “Mexican” is used to address to the people living in the country, and since this is the name of a country, it is important to keep its initial letter in capitals. Proper adjectives are names which we use to address a particular place, person, or a thing, therefore you must always remember capitalizing proper adjectives.

example of proper adjectives words

Like most of the other adjectives, you can use proper adjectives before nouns or pronouns, or you can also use them to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction to explain a specific matter.

The most common proper adjectives come from the country names to address a  group of people.

  • African
  • Mexican
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Malaysian
  • Indian
  • American
  • British
  • Australian
  • Polish
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • Egyptian
  • Ukrainian
  • Bhutanese
  • Algerian

Proper adjective sentences

Now you understand the proper adjective definition and examples, and the differences and similarities between proper and common adjectives. In this section, we are going to discuss some examples to help develop a better understanding of the fundamentals of proper adjectives.

  • Roman architecture is the most ancient art.
  • Last week, we had to write a test, and the questions were mostly about the functions and power of the British Council.
  • Last week, I watched a Korean drama.
  • I grew up in a mixed culture because my father is Canadian, and my mother is African.
  • My uncle returned from Switzerland last week, and he brought Swiss chocolate for us.
  • The American Minister visited our country last month.

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