Psychology Critique Paper | 101

A psychology critique paper is a common task. The professor assigns the task to his students so they can learn and study more psychological articles, which would help them strengthen their concepts. The psychological journal and articles let the students study the experiments of famous psychological authors and the outcome resulting from them. Furthermore, it requires deep analysis to critique an article, which improves the students’ research skills.

 Instructors of almost all majors instruct their students to critique an article. It is normal that you will be nervous when writing a journal critique becomes an obstacle in obtaining your academic degree. Still, once you know the concept and the process, it will look as easy as any other assignment.

How to Prepare a Psychology Critique Paper?

The below procedure is formulated for writing a journal critique by experts in a way so that students can understand how to critique an article for their high school or university assignment. This will help you to excel and cater to the assignment specifications. Although, we have discussed the steps, particularly for psychology students, the same process shall apply to rest of the other disciplines as well.

Start with the introduction of the article. Your first approach towards the psychology journal critique would be to thoroughly read the opening section and understand the preciseness of the author’s theory.

The next section where you need to pay attention is the methods section. Examine whether the study process is properly structured. Can you identify the variable which the researchers are trying to measure? Keep your notebook close; it would be wise to take notes of each idea and question which may arise in your mind while reading this section. Students have shared that it is in this section they encounter the most doubts.

Thirdly comes the results section. In this section, the author has shared his experiments’ results and outcome. For this section,  your task would be to analyze how well the tables and graphs are labelled; Are there sufficient statistical data provided for the journal critique? Did the researcher successfully obtain all of the necessary data to measure the variables at hand?

Finally, read the discussion section for your psychology critique paper. In this section, again you need to prepare notes and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How did the researchers explain the meaning of the outcome which arose from the experiment?
  • Did they write their theory based on the results?
  • Is the information valid which the researchers have gathered?

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