Rhetorical Analysis Essay Step-by-Step Guide 2023

What does a rhetorical analysis essay mean? This analytical essay differs from any other regular essay in comparison to the structure. The main idea of this type of essay is to observe and analyze the ideas of the work of another writer and artist. The student attempting to submit a rhetorical assignment must keenly analyze to understand another writer’s work. For example, the ways of his writing, his goals and his visions. Writing this essay type can be useful to judge how well a text is written and creates an impact on its readers.

A rhetorical analysis essay generally includes an introduction, body and a conclusion because, technically, it is not proven to have any specific structure or format. However, it is only possible to make the best analysis for writing this analytical essay, by these steps:


Study the author’s work multiple times. Allow yourself to read the statements and writing pattern of the writer again and again to catch something new every time. This will make the writing much easier and more fun.

Prefer picking a topic to work on in which you have an interest.

Main Points

Before understanding the author’s writing techniques, one must know where to search for them first. This is where you must use the S.O.A.P.S technique. S.O.A.P.S does the work of analyzing much easier.

  • S stands for Speaker- It is to identify who the speaker is. Are the speaker and the author the same or different persons?
  • O stands for the occasion- Due to what event or occurrence does the writing appear? What is the date, location, events and timings addressed in the writing
  • A stands for the audience- Who was the intended audience? Has it been mentioned?
  • P stands for Purpose- what was the Purpose or vision of the author to write it?
  • S stands for Subject- On what basis has the author written it?


The essay tips further suggests that the student should focus on the introduction in including the summary of texts which you have analyzed when you begin to write this analytical essay. Add any background information similar to the texts, if available. Formulate the introduction into a perfect thesis statement that gives an overview of your objectives, to the readers.

Rhetorical analysis essay outline

  • You need to craft your rhetorical analysis essay structure, which should clearly depict and explain your analysis of how the authors stated their arguments and proved their points.
  • Study the author’s choice of words while they are switching their ideas between the topics.


Recapitulate your thesis and the main assisting ideas which you have written throughout the analytical essay and deliver your feedback upon your understanding of the main idea.

  • Most important, include if the author’s statements succeeded in achieving his writing motive.
  • How well did the author devise the strategies?
  • How did the strategies affect the thinking perspectives of the readers?

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