Steps to Crack the Act Test : Explained in 8 Easy Steps

Students who want to pursue their studies in the US and a few other countries must pass this ACT test. The exam is undoubtedly challenging so it is important to know about the study materials and a comprehensive ACT preparation procedure. Good preparation is highly advised because your scores will determine the placement in a college of your choice; the better you score, the higher your chances of getting placement in a reputed college. Topgrademakers have devised an expert preparation plan in 8 steps to crack the ACT test.

Register for the ACT Test

Apply for the ACT exam by completing the registration from the ACT website. The registration will include the following:

  • Creating an account on the ACT website
  • Picking a location: When selecting the location, make sure that it is close to your town.
  • Picking a date: Do not haste in picking the date, take plenty of time to prepare for the exam. Generally, it is suggested to have a minimum time of 3 three months for preparation.

Study the Test and Question Pattern

Thoroughly study and understand the test and question patterns. The ACT test takes place in two parts- 1) Questions with multiple choices- the subjects covered in this part are English, Math, Reading and Science; 2) Writing Exam(optional). The student has to complete any one of the two tests.

Performing an Act Practice Test

One of the vital steps to crack the ACT test is to take practice tests. These are the best way to analyze your ACT preparation progress so far. Performing an ACT practice test helps you get used to the question patterns and types of passages that come in real exams. Try to reduce the time spent solving practice test papers with each attempt, and this will buy you a lot of time to attend to all questions and to think before answering.

Set a Realistic ACT Target Score for Your ACT Writing Preparation

You need to be target-oriented while performing an act practice test. Gradually, increase the score with each attempt. Setting a target score it will help you to think of a strategic study plan to achieve the target score.

Make a Strategic ACT Preparation Plan for the Test

A strategic preparation plan is always in the top priority of all the steps to crack the ACT test. After acknowledging your strong areas and lacking areas, compile a strong ACT preparation plan. It is recommended to stay consistent with the study plan and spend your maximum effort in studying every single day; if you did not study beforehand, then you will be stressed out by the immense syllabus when the exam date is near.

The key points that should include in your ACT preparation plan for the test, includes:

  • Number of hours to be spent studying each day
  • Attending tuition classes
  • Planning the subjects you need to study
  • How many times a week or month will you attempt the ACT practice test?
  • Knowing the proper study materials for the preparation.

Obtain the Required Knowledge and Skills

Now that you have a realistic target score and a proper ACT preparation plan for the test, you have to start studying and gaining the knowledge that will help you in writing the test, such as:

  • Improving grammar and vocabulary in English;
  • applying formulas to solve problems in math;
  • Practice improving writing a hypothesis in science, etc.

The questions that are devised in the ACT exam are followed by the standard of high school. So it would be best if you considered checking the old notes and study materials you had in high school.

Test Out your Preparation Before the Actual ACT Exam

Practicing is the main key! After spending hours on the ACT preparation plan for the test, it’s time to examine your progress and have a prior estimate of your preparation for the exam. Try to solve a sample ACT test paper under the same exam instructions and time limit.

The Exam Day

Remember all the steps to crack the ACT test you have learned and make sure to apply them well in the actual test. If you follow the preparation steps properly, your efforts will pay off. Get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam day, take a medium-light breakfast and make sure to include green leafy vegetables and fruits.

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