Student Life in Australia

Over the past few years, Australia has been the top destination for millions of international students to pursue their education in this land of diversity and culture. When you are travelling to a new country for to stay few years, it is inevitable to confront multiple mismatches of vibes and lifestyles. Therefore, gather some information about a place before putting your step so that you can utilize and get the most out of your time there. Australia is simply a destination which has a lot to explore. In this article, you will learn about this nation’s diversity and a clear idea regarding your student life in Australia.

Everything You Need to Know About Student Life in Australia

Thousands of international students are attracted to pursue their studies at this wonderful destination yearly. Here you will get to witness the wonders of nature, such as the Great Barrier Reef (a living being which is around 25 million years old and can be seen from space), the Mackenzie Falls etc. There is no extent of thrill, excitement, and opportunities you can experience if you decide to study here. However, the diversity does limit here; you will be thrilled to see the skyscrapers and open exposure in the wild. However, it is normal that various challenges will also come your way and trail you as you move to any major city in Australia. Therefore, we have gathered all the data and information you need to know to settle your student life in Australia.

Adapt to The Climate

Is this your first time visiting Australia? This place is located in the globe’s southern hemisphere so you will experience an exact opposite weather in a particular season than your native country. Therefore, do not get surprised if you need to use a room heater during the month of June.

A Student Bank Account is Important If You are Living in Australia as a Student

This is the first point you must remember once you are inside this country. There are several benefits if you open a local bank account. They are:

  • You can open a bank account 2-3 months before you arrive here.
  • The interest rate is decent. You can easily withdraw your funds, and no exchange fees will be charged to students.
  • You can also have an advantage if you join a part-time job because you will receive your pay much more conveniently.

A Must-Have Health Insurance

Unlike local citizens, international students are not eligible for local medicare. Therefore, getting the right health insurance, i.e. the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), is suggested.

Part-Time Jobs to Bear The Expenses for Your Student Life in Australia

A part-time job can help you manage your finances, especially if you belong to a family that cannot afford such high educational costs in Australia. You can get a part-time job and earn up to 16 AUD/hour. You will be able to experience the professional environment of Australia. However, you cannot get a full-time job with a student visa.


Most of the Australian students live outside the campus. You can consider the accommodation which various universities offer. Many options exist, including hostels, home-stay programs, and rental apartments. But they are expensive as well. Therefore, this is an important aspect to ensure before applying for admission.

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