Tele Nursing

Nurses are expected to play a big part in telehealth’s success as it continues to develop as a new way to offer healthcare. As a result, nurses will need to increase their understanding of the best telemedicine nursing practices. For patients to experience good health, nurses, in particular, need to communicate with their patients via tele nursing successfully.

Tele Nursing: An Expanding Field for Healthcare Delivery

Having a thorough awareness of telehealth and its advantages might be helpful for nurses who are new to telehealth.

The United States H.R.S.A defines telehealth as the use of electronic communication and information technology to support:

  • Remote clinical healthcare
  • Health administration
  • Patient health education

Telehealth offers patients access to a wide range of medical services. Here are a few instances of telehealth services:

  • Wellness checkups and other general healthcare services
  • Mental health support
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Services for prescriptions
  • Urgent care for ailments like rashes or urinary tract infections.

Benefits of Tele Nursing

There are several benefits of using telemedicine nursing:

Enhancements to patient’s access to healthcare

The number of “no-shows” (patients who occasionally fail to arrive for appointments) has decreased

Processes for monitoring simpler patients

More chances for cooperation between different healthcare professionals who treat the same patient

For instance, patient outcomes could be improved via telemedicine sessions that reduce the risk of infection and enhance patient education.

Cost savings, for instance, by spending less on big waiting rooms and the administrative staff that comes with them.

The Functions of Nurses in Telehealth

Numerous jobs are covered by telehealth nursing. For instance, nurses in positions like these may be in charge of telehealth deployment and administration:

Manager or Director of Telehealth- In this position, a nurse oversees the telehealth program of an organization, develops telehealth protocols, aids in the choice of telehealth technology, identifies patient populations for telehealth, and develops and broadens the telehealth program.

Coordinator for Telehealth- In this position, a nurse controls the use of telehealth equipment, educates patients and other healthcare professionals about telehealth, and coordinates the organization’s telehealth activities.

Health Coach or Instructor- A nurse in this position uses telehealth to instruct patients, provide prescriptions, examine test findings, and counsel patients on adopting lifestyle changes to enhance their health.

Nurse Triage in Telehealth- Patients who think they might need to visit the emergency room are consulted by a nurse in this position. Telehealth triage nurses often confer with other clinicians about the best patient transfers.

Tele presenter for Nurses- In this position, a nurse prepares patients for telehealth sessions, helps them use the equipment, and checks the prescriptions that doctors write utilizing telemedicine.

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