Things to Remember When Going Abroad as a Student

Thousands of toppers apply for scholarships every year. To increase your chances of selection, you must know a few tricks to be a competitive applicant. You are one of the luckiest to have won the study abroad scholarship, but before you start packing, include these things to remember when going abroad.

An opportunity to pursue further studies in a foreign university is exciting and scary at the same time. You are about to experience a culture shock when you enter a new place, meet new people, and adapt to their way of living. However, these things take a little time before you become totally compatible with the new environment.

4 Things to Remember when going abroad as a Student

Studying abroad holds several perks and can totally transform your life. You are travelling to a place far away from home, family, friends etc. Therefore, you must learn to manage efficiently and responsibly. Thus you must remember to include these factors in your checklist when preparing for your journey.

Research about the place

Yes, it is fun when you think that you will be travelling to a different nation where you will meet new people, and at the same time, it gives you goosebumps. But the excitement will only last for a little time if you go to a place without proper research, and in most cases, it has turned out to be problematic. Therefore, make sure to research these things first.

● The local sim card provider- This is vital when travelling outside the country; you first want to research which sim local people use.

● Foreign exchange- Even if you have adequate cash, it is better to research foreign exchange a little.

● Weather- Research about the weather is important. When you travel to a different timezone, the climate changes may differ from your place. For example, if the temperature drop during winter is too low, you need to carry warm clothes to protect you from catching cold.

● Routes- If you research the nearby neighbourhood in advance, it will save you from the hassle, and you will not need to stay dependent on anyone when you need to buy groceries or household essentials or simply if you are looking to spend a good time in a cafe.


While packing your documents, you must ensure your passport is updated. The validity of the passport is six months. You will receive the details and checklist of all the documents you must carry while travelling abroad from the study abroad counsellor and your university. However, it would be best if you took the initiative to prepare a checklist of your own. Include a university letter, visa, passport, tickets, and admission confirmation letter into the checklist and tick one-by-one once packed.

Travel and health insurance

Travel and health insurance for studying abroad are highly necessary. Otherwise, you or your family may need to bear a heavy expense from savings when an emergency arises.

Local Bank Account for Students

When you reach your destination, it would be best to open a local bank early. It saves your money and will only charge you an amount if you exchange money for foreign currency. Also, there are many bank accounts which require low balance amounts to maintain savings accounts for students.


After reading this article, you have found out the most important things to remember when going abroad as a student. Once you are prepared well, you will avoid unnecessary hassle and anxiety, and your stay will be out of the problem. What do you plan in your checklist? How long should a proper checklist be prepared before a journey?

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