Tips to Explain Educational Gap in Resume at College Admission Interview

An education gap in your CV might become a point of contention during interviews or higher education. Therefore you must have a very diplomatic and clear educational gap explanation to justify an educational gap in your resume. College admission interviews are quite scary. However, if you’re not careful, you may end up being placed at this company when your intern counterpart’s work is subpar, which may not paint you in a good light – or so you think. Here are some tips to explain educational gap in resume that can help you during your college admission interview: 

1. Be Crisp and Clear

The best college application advice is to be straightforward while giving academic break justification. The admissions officers like those applicants who are honest and truthful. Describe the details about the gap, as to why you had to take one, whether it was due to health issues, family issues, traveling, or any other genuine reasons. Telling the truth also can build some trust with the interviewers.

2. Frame It Positively

Most often academic break justification may be taken with a negative outlook. But you can factor it as positive by stating some constructive activities that you undertook during the time. How was your summer, any new skills you developed this summer would include learning a new language, volunteering, or working part-time? This way, the gap one is trying to avoid becomes a period of personal and professional growth.

3. Build A Strong CV

During your college admission interview, to make the best out of a gap period, you have to make sure that you have well developed your resume in a way that portrays the positive side of your period of unemployment. The activities should be described in vigorous action verbs together with supporting quantifiers. For instance, instead of writing “volunteered,” you can rewrite it as, “managed to organize community events – the participation rate went up to 30 percent.”

4. Seek College Application Advice

College application advice should be sought from counselors, mentors, or any other professionals without any hesitation. These professionals will help you build a strong point for your educational gap explanation. They will help you during your college admission interviews. Bootcamps can give you a lot of advice and assist in presenting your educational drawback in the most advantageous manner. They can provide very useful tips in making sure that the explanation you present is convincing as well as credible.

5. Prepare Thoroughly

It is important to have standard preparation procedures as the basis for creating a logical and convincing statement. Avoid telling your overall story to any person of your trust and try to tell the story with flow. Imagining the questions the admission officers may ask and the necessary answers to those questions should be prepared in advance. This shall help you to be calm whenever you are appearing for an interview. This makes you reduce any attitudes of fear you may be having.
To sum up, tips to explain educational gap can be discussed in a college admission interview. It is necessary to know some rules regarding this issue: The interviewed persons need to be as accurate as possible and emphasize the positive impacts of the interview while attending the session. Therefore, elaborating on the education gap year explanation, sharing one’s experiences, and portraying oneself as mature enough to handle college would effectively explain the academic break and prove how one is fit for college.

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