Top Science Museums in the US You Must Visit As a Student

What can be more fun than exploring the top science museums in the US, where you can even learn something new? Science and technology museums offer numerous learning opportunities that one cannot find in traditional classroom lectures. They are found in approximately every major city in the United States. have presented the best suggestions presented by that you should definitely check out!

Science Museum in Boston

Science Museum in Boston is the largest science museum in the us. It is located in the city of Boston and ranks first and above every other US museum. If you live in the US, you must add this destination to your bucket list! The museum’s main attraction is that it organizes several interactive exhibitions where the entire science stream is covered. People of any age or with a passion for science are surely going to be overwhelmed with hours of joy. The playground is a huge attraction to children, also it has programs where it shows how a lightning bolt works, a big Rube Goldberg machine, and a zoo which is a shelter to rescued animals.

The Exploratorium

Secondly, the Exploratorium is located in San Francisco. This science and technology museum is also known as the “Scientific Fun House”. As the name suggests, both students and adults are sure to be entertained in this place. Their main aim is to show future scientists how interesting and fun it is to explore science. The main attraction which makes it one of the best museums to visit, are its display of the Tactile Dome, the visitor needs to use their sense of touch in a realm of complete darkness, and the MIND, where the visitors get to experience cognitive sciences.

The National Air and Space Museum

Thirdly, the National Air and Space Museum comes under the Smithsonian Institute. It is a remarkable public attraction and is regarded as one of the best museums to visit. It mainly educates the concept of aircraft, the history of aircraft, and astronomy and projects technological revolution since the science of flight was first introduced. This is another US museum that you must add to your bucket list if you have a scientific interest. The museum has some of the rarest available aviation artifacts, which only limited people know.

The Academy of Natural Science

Fourthly, the amazing science museum, which was established in 1812 and is located in Philadelphia. The museum is mainly focused on research, education, and public engagement in several science streams, especially in Biodiversity and Environmental Science.

Science Museum of Minnesota

This marvellous museum is a scientific gem which is located in St. Paul. The key factors that make it a remarkable attraction place are its mini golf course within the terrains and landscapes and a dinosaur fossil gallery rescued by a high school student team. Actively involving the students and allowing them to participate in these exciting scientific explorations, like creating tornados and controlling tidal waves, is what counts it in the list of the best museums to visit.

California Science Center

How can we not add California Science Center to the list of the best science museums in America? Finally, The museum, as the name suggests, is located in Los Angeles, California. The museum mainly focuses on inspiring children about the wonders and power of science. Tess, which is the name of a body simulator, is the main attraction and makes the place remarkable for people with scientific interests. The fifty feet in height body simulator has multiple functions. Tess explains mobility and normal body functions and demonstrates it at the same time.

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