What is a Tutor Marked Assignment?

What is a Tutor Marked Assignment

Tutor Marked Assignment or TMA are assignments that students appearing for NIOS board exams, need to submit. Topgrademakers have covered several points and explained the term, highlighting the most common doubts and queries that most students have. NIOS, or the National Institute of Open Schooling, have made it compulsory for the students to submit these assignments. NIOS TMA is present in both Secondary and Senior Secondary. The students are strictly recommended to submit these assignments by the deadline; otherwise, all of their efforts may go in complete vain as the board will not approve the submission.

The tutor-marked assignments in the National Institute of Open Schooling play quite the role of an assignment. These assignment tasks help the students develop their studying habits and enhance their concentration and attention span. More importantly, a learner develops a clearer concept of the fundamentals of all the subjects. The students need to prepare the Tutor Marked Assignments for all the subjects. There are parts in NIOS Tutor Marked Assignments. Each of the three parts consists of 6 questions based on the subject.

Is Tutor Marked Assignments(TMA) Compulsory in NIOS?

Most learners who appear for NIOS board exams must know about Tutor Marked Assignments. Many students miss out on the TMA due to communication gaps. For distant learners, a communication gap can lead to a serious issue as there is a chance that you will miss out on important information. NIOS Tutor Marked Assignments are one of them. Now the question is. “Is it compulsory to submit TMA in NIOS?”. These assignments carry 20% marks, which adds to the weight of your grades. However, you can still pass the exam if you do not submit your TMA. But it will be marked absent on your TMA, and you will miss out on an opportunity to score higher grades. Furthermore, if a sis theepossibilityubmit submits the NIOS Tutor Marked Assignment, their results may be declared incomplete. It may affect their career, decreasing their chances of admission to any colleges they want.

How do I check the TMA status?

Students can check their TMA status or scores in the following ways.

  • Firstly it is recommended that students only use a single device to log into their portal. They must wait to switch devices next time. It is equally important for every student to be aware that they must stay on their student panel logged in after use. They must log out from the portal properly.
  • The students need to keep updated, and they will be able to check their TMA scores according to the uploading schedule.
  • You can check your TMA status by registering on the TMA tiles for your subject.
  • Always recheck before uploading your TMA. If you mistakenly upload the wrong file, you will not be able to submit your assignment again.
  • Lastly the TMA status will appear on the TMA tiles of your student dashboard.

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