Types Of Nursing Careers In Australia

In Australia, one of the leading industries is healthcare. The need for caregivers, midwives, nurses, and other healthcare personnel is rapidly increasing. Thus, you can feel confident that there are plenty of job prospects if you want to pursue a career in nursing. Being a nurse is a difficult yet emotionally rewarding profession. It offers you the ability to improve people’s lives and enhance the wellbeing of the patients. Following are some of the types of nursing careers in Australia available for students. Following the completion of the initial registration process, you can apply for these roles. Select from a variety of expertise to increase your chances of finding employment.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Compared to other nursing roles, registered nurses (RNs) have a great deal of authority and accountability. The Nursing and Midwifery Board regulates the duties of registered nurses. Additionally, the Nursing Act is used to grant licenses and work permits.

Typically, registered nurses are assigned to administrative and unit management positions within the department. The duties of the position include diagnosing and treating patients, keeping track of prescription dosages, and providing specialized patient care.

Licensed Enrolled Nurse

Enrolled Nurses, or ENs, are supervised by Registered Nurses (RNs) and rely on their knowledge and direction. ENs typically keep tabs on the patient’s physical parameters and advancement.

Measuring, documenting, and monitoring patients’ body temperatures, pulses, and blood pressure are all part of the job description. ENs support RNs and doctors during surgeries to maintain OT cleanliness. Additionally, they provide first aid services in an emergency.

Nursing Assistant

In a technical sense, assistants in nursing, or AINs, are not nurses. They are nursing candidates undergoing training, and they will be directly supervised by registered nurses. AINs’ daily duties include taking care of patients, responding to wounds, assisting patients with personal hygiene tasks, etc. A portion of nursing students attempting to become an EN/RN or pursuing a diploma program may also apply for AIN posts.

Clinical Nurse

Registered nurses and clinical nurses are equal in terms of power and accountability. All that separates them is that clinical nurses have been in their field longer and have more experience.

RNs with a focus on a certain area of healthcare are known as clinical nurses. To obtain more certificates, they have dedicated a few more years of effort. RNs receive assistance from clinical nurses and guidance when managing emergency patients.


Midwives have been supporting women during pregnancy and childbirth for generations. Furthermore, midwives now possess improved resources to raise the natality rate and guarantee healthier deliveries as a result of advancements in medical science over time.

In Australian hospitals, midwives do deliveries and tend to the mother and child’s needs after giving birth. These experts also support moms dealing with anxiety, postpartum depression, and the physical toll of carrying a full term pregnancy.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Registered nurses having the ability to work both independently and cooperatively with other nurses in a medical setting are known as nurse practitioners. An RN is not at the same level as a nursing practitioner. They are able to operate independently in a clinical capacity. To become a practitioner, a nursing student must complete a couple more years of coursework and job experience. To obtain the required qualification, candidates must complete an additional 1.5 to 2 years of schooling. In addition, you must have at least three years of post-registration experience and a nursing certification.

More than ever, the healthcare industry in Australia has been highly sought-after. Additionally, nurses and other medical personnel are suddenly needed to care for patients because of the pandemic. After you graduate from nursing school, you will therefore have various types of nursing careers in Australia you can choose from. Nursing is a tough discipline. It gets harder to manage the studies, the practicals. and your personal life simultaneously. Thankfully you can take nursing assignment help from experts and manage your time accordingly.

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