Why is active voice important in writing an essay?

Passive sentences are commonly used in scientific and academic writing. Do you know why content writing experts stress on sentence formation? This is because the main motive behind writing a blog or an essay is to catch the reader’s attention. Therefore, we have presented this article to show you why is active voice important in writing an essay.

Why Should You Use Active Voice Instead of Passive Voice?

In this section we have discussed in detail showing you why is active voice important in writing an essay.

An active voice sentence would be, “John drives a car”. On the other hand, a passive voice sentence is like “The car is driven by John”. However, if you think “Why should you use active voice instead of passive voice?” then the answer is that it is difficult to identify which one is better, but a professional essay writer can easily tell you which sentence is more catchy to the reader’s eyes. Active sentences are easier to read. Due to its simplicity, readers can easily understand and find what they are looking for. This saves a lot of effort and time for the reader.

For example, if the reader is searching for “How to drive a car?”, he will commonly prefer to spend his time in an easily understandable and transparent article. This is the role played by active tense. The voice improves the readability of a sentence and makes it transparent to the readers. 

Proper use of Active Tense

Are you still confused why is active voice important in writing an essay? Look no further and get your essay sorted today with our online essay help. Since academic pressure is constantly hiking, students often prefer to seek essay help online. There, you will find examples of active voices used by professional writers. Many universities have set their standard guidelines to strictly maintain a certain percentage of active phrases on assignment papers. The below section shows the proper use of active tense.

Short Phrases

A proper use of active tense is the most preferred option if you are trying to deliver a sentence straight to the point. Passive sentences can often increase the chances of wordiness in sentences. However, we suggest the active voice because it will not help you maintain the word limit but will also give readers a transparent appearance.

To Make Sentences Easy to Grasp

The more the sentences are easier to read, the more readers can grasp the meaning and message that the writer has tried to convey in his essay.

Emphasize a Sense of Authority

When a writer is trying to make his writing appear more serious and authoritative, they must use active tense to form sentences. Why? Refer to the following points below:

“The business launched a new product.”

“A new product was launched by the business.”

The sentence formation at the beginning sounds more precise and direct.

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