Win Money Online: How to Earn by Participating in Competitions?

In the age of the Internet, it has become easier to participate in online competitions. The application procedure to take part in these competitions is simple. All you need to do is fill in your personal details and answer a few multiple-choice questions. There are genuine chances that students can win money online from these competitions. However, numerous competitors dedicate themselves to the preparation by spending hours every day, and most of them have even managed to win a good sum of money online in a year.

Students would highly be at an advantage if they could earn money online through these free online competitions.

How to Begin?

A professional comper applies to 100 online competitions daily on average. However, we do not suggest you do the same if you have other priorities like studies and social life. Therefore, aim to participate in at least 50 competitions a week. This can also help you to only enter into the same competitions once, as it leads to spamming, and there is a chance you could get disqualified.

Topgrademakers have compiled the following crucial steps to help students win money online.

  • Dedicate a specific amount of time to spend on it.
  • Keep the records of competitions in a spreadsheet that you have tracked.
  • Set up a personal email for the comping purpose entirely.
  • Fix some specific targets to achieve. For instance- applying to 25 cash competitions and applying in 25 freebie competitions.
  • Make use of autofill when filling up personal details in an online form. Your computer stores your personal information in caches and give you the auto-filling form option the next time when you fill out a form. Also, save an application template in your email draft, as some competitions require application through emails.
  • Prepare for tough competitions. The toughest competition is faced in social media. This is where you are required to be creative if you want to earn money online because companies and brands appreciate creative ideas which can give them publicity.
  • Stay alert, and always check your email for any responses to your applications or rewards. Check your spam folder as well. To speed up the evaluation, you can search your inbox with filters like “congratulations” or “winner”. However, it is still recommended to read the mail properly, as the subject line entirely does not mention that you are the winner.
  • Read the instructions and rules of the competitions carefully before applying.
  • Become a member of the comping community. Online competitions are actively increasing and developing to stay updated with the latest trends and events. You can join various online forums related to the subject. We recommend you follow professional compers like Martin Dove, where you will find loads of information and tips to win money online.

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