Write an essay in English If You are Not a Native English Speaker

The moment you step into university and college, you will have to deal with many essay assignments. Moreover, the most challenging part is when you are not a native English speaker and need to write an essay in English. Pursuing your dreams of studying abroad brings the hardest struggle to finish your assignment in English and score a good grade. When the language is not your mother tongue, you need to spend a lot of hours brushing your English vocabulary and grammar. Once you have a clear idea, writing essay assignments or a thesis becomes a lot easier.

Enhance Your Vocabulary to Write an Essay in English

Enhance your vocabulary with the four tips to write an essay. If you are not a native English speaker and have dreams of pursuing further studies from popular universities like the UK, US, and Australia, then you will encounter challenges in putting up with the English standard of the universities.

Spend time Reading

Reading is the way you can increase your grammar and vocabulary. The more you read, your knowledge, vocabulary, and stock of words increase, and you will be able to use more good words to use in an essay. When it comes to improving your English writing, you can read any good articles or journals, stories, and even the local newspapers, to improve your writing.

Consider Spending Time on Your Preparation

Set a realistic goal and work on your writing every day. For example, you can set an essay 200 words target and finish it within a specific time and gradually reduce time. If you are already staying in an abroad country, then it is better that you enhance your knowledge about the native language and become an expert faster. Here, you need to set a smart goal! Enlist a friend to proofread your essay, and keep a record of your progress.

Grammar and Spelling Checking Tools

There are some helpful digital tools for checking grammatical and spelling errors. Living and studying in an abroad country requires you to put up and adjust to new cultures, people, ideas, and, most specifically, language.

Thanks to the technology and tools which makes your work even easier. However, you can only partially rely on these tools, and it is still recommended to seek help from your foreign friends.

Edit the Draft

Writing down your assignment paper will form a great essay. You need to rewrite and edit the draft where you have written the essay. Editing is no less than a challenge. Here, you have to proofread the entire essay and analyze which parts do exactly require changes and improvements. Do not submit your assignment right after you finish it. Skipping revision and editing before sending the final draft is a very common reason for lower grades.

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