5 types of Essay (Part 3)

5 Types of Essays You need to Know Before Entering College

The third part is the last part, where you will get to know the 5 types of essays, which may not be the major essay types, but as you get promoted to higher academic grades, you may get introduced to these essay types. These are professional-level essays, and having an idea about these essays might help you clear your assignment paper, admission tests, and any essay writing in any application. Therefore, check out the first and second parts before reading this article.

Narrative Essay  Descriptive Essays
Argumentative Essays  Expository Essays  
Persuasive Essay  Evaluation Essays  
Informative Essays                           Cause and Effect Essays  
Personal Narrative EssaysProcess Essays
1. Reflective Essays                   2. Synthesis Essay  
3. Definition Essay  4. Compare and Contrast Essays  
5. Analytical Essay   
List of 5 Types of Essay

Writing a Reflective Essay

Writing a reflective essay basically allow students to develop their reflective writing skills on a specific event or experience. This would be another simpler essay if you learned how to structure and format this essay. The idea is to analyze a particular event or someone’s life experience. This will improve your critical thinking and analytical skills because you must present certain views and opinions based on your analysis.

Synthesis Essay

Synthesis essay may require a lot of research and curiosity on a particular topic. You need to put forward various facts and statements from different sources and present an argument based on various points of view. The main task is to form an argument, thesis, opinion, or facts based on the pieces of information you need to gather from various sources.

Definition Essays

Definition essay assignment can be difficult. This essay type is tricky because you will be only given the word. Based on that word, you need to elaborate on the topic and provide an explanation based on personal views, and at the same time, you need to maintain the academic language tone.

Compare and Contrast Analysis

Compare and contrast essays are mainly academic assignments. Like any other essay assignment homework, compare and contrast analysis help students to develop their critical thinking skills. In this one of the 5 types of essay, you need to analyze and state the differences and similarities between two or more subjects.

Analytical Essay

Writing an analytical paper is a common academic assignment. In an analytical essay assignment, you will be given a single topic and need to write conclusions and theories based on it. Like any other essay, writing an analytical paper follows the same five-paragraph structure. Start with an introduction and introduce all the main points which will be covered in the essay. The first sentence will be the topic sentence.

After writing the introduction, it is time to cover all the points you mentioned in the opening paragraph. Furthermore, it is important to remember that you should refrain from introducing any new points in the essay body. A closing paragraph is important; therefore, you must write a proper conclusion. A proper conclusion shows a brief paragraph where you will mention all the points covered in the essay.

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