Different Essay Types (Part 2)

Different Essay Types : 5 Types of Academic Essay Assignments

In part 1, you have learned about the five major types of essays. You may have already seen or submitted those essay assignments many times before. However, as you advance in academic grades, you will discover several unknown and newer essay topics. All of the more reasons that you must read this article till the end if you want to stay a step ahead of your classmates. All the different essay types will be elaborated on here, and you will find a whole new term for essay types. You will be able to understand and recognize any essay and how to craft the information perfectly in your essay. The way to complete an academic degree is only easy if you have hired professional essay writers. On the other hand, everyone else might have fewer ideas and remain anxious about the submission deadline. How does it help?

Narrative Essay  Descriptive Essays
Argumentative Essays  Expository Essays  
Persuasive Essay  1. Evaluation Essays  
2. Informative Essays                           3. Cause and Effect Essays  
4. Personal Narrative Essays  5. Process Essays  
-Reflective Essays                   -Synthesis Essay  
-Definition Essay  -Compare and Contrast Essays  
-Analytical Essay   
Table of Different Essay Types

Evaluation Essay

Evaluation means assessing a subject, topic, or matter and passing judgment. In evaluation essay writing, the main idea is to present an overall view of the quality of a matter based on valid facts. Since you will be the one holding the pen, the instructor understands that it is completely normal to claim a fact or statement based on your opinion. However, it should sound valid so that it convinces the readers. Furthermore, if there is an urgent submission deadline, the fastest way to finish your evaluation essay writing is to select an appropriate topic which has a lot of information easily accessible.

Informative Essays

How are you supposed to keep calm while writing an informative essay? An informative essay attracts readers with surprising facts and ideas which the readers need to be made aware of. Therefore, if you want to make your essay more unique and score higher than others, you must select a unique topic and provide interesting and in-depth information while writing an informative essay.

Cause and Effect Writing

Have you read the first part thoroughly? If yes, then it will be easier for you to understand this essay. Cause and effect writing are a lot like argumentative essays. However, there is a slight difference. In argumentative writing, you must think critically and present the differences. Still, in the case of cause-and-effect, you need to thoroughly analyze and put focus on the relationship and similarities between the two subjects.

Personal Essay

Personal essay writing is a common assignment task, especially for high school students. You may encounter these kinds of essays in the form of an assignment or while taking admission into a college. Personal essay writing requires you to present facts and ideas based on your own real-life experiences. Therefore, you should cherish the freedom to select your own topic if you are given to. The best way to write this essay is to select an appropriate topic in which you carry certain knowledge and information.

Process Essays

Process essays are not so complicated in comparison to different essay types. All you need is to select a suitable topic with easily accessible information. Then you need to write down points showing the step-by-step process of how to do a specific task. However, it can also be about showing how a specific thing works.

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