College Interview Mistakes and Ways to Avoid Them

Acing a college interview is not easy, but it is what you need to get admitted to a reputed university. It decides whether you are getting a chance to get admitted to that particular college or not. Behaving correctly and avoiding college interview mistakes can result in your dream getting fulfilled. Be attentive on the day of your interview; it decides your future. Even if you ace the other factors, a bad interview can ruin your admission chance. Making a good impression is essential in your interview.

1. Exhibiting immaturity

Part of your admissions interview is about demonstrating that you are prepared to live independently, which is something that college is about learning.

If your parents are seated close, the interviewers won’t perceive you as independent. If you rely on your parents for transportation or directions, think of alternate routes before the interview so you may arrive alone. This is a terrific approach to begin feeling independent. Inappropriate attire will also make interviewers doubt your maturity and readiness for the next level of your study. To save time the day before the interview, prepare a sharp attire.

2. Behaving disrespectfully or rudely

Pay close attention to the interviewer if the interview is for the safety school or your top option. While speaking to the interviewer, avoid doing anything that can be seen as unpleasant or disrespectful, such as checking your phone or the clock.

To ensure you arrive on time, set additional alarms and check for unforeseen scenarios, like traffic, ahead. Before you enter the interview, put your phone on, quiet or off and tuck it somewhere in your pocket. Firmly shake hands with the interviewer and thank them for their time.

Before the interview, get a thank-you note and envelope and fill them out so they are ready to be mailed. No matter the situation, pretend this is your dream school, and present yourself in a way that will leave everyone with a favourable opinion of you.

3. skipping research for school:

One of the most common college interview mistakes. Set aside some time before the interview to investigate the institution. Also, prepare a few questions to ask after the interview to demonstrate your interest in the institution and determine whether it is the best fit for you. They shouldn’t be inquiries that can be quickly resolved by spending a short amount of time on the school’s website. Asking a question that simple is not different than giving a blank stare.

Consider carefully which university characteristics are essential to you and what you want to know before arriving on campus. On campus, where do students prefer to hang out? What are the college events that students most eagerly anticipate? The time is right to find out right now.

4. Being Shy

If you withhold too much information from the interviewer, it will be easier for them to get to know you. Additionally, if you come across as hesitant, this may give the idea that you could find it challenging to fit in with new people in college and actively participate in class discussions.

Prepare some general remarks in advance that can help you start the conversation. Use some easy topics like the weather etc. This way, you can win over your shyness too.

5. Bragging Excessively

When asked about your accomplishments, you shouldn’t be so modest that you don’t mention anything nice about yourself, but you should also be careful not to brag excessively. It can be off-putting to wax lyrical about how wonderful you are and all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished. It’s acceptable to let some of your work speak for itself.

If particular accomplishments are that amazing, the interviewer will show genuine curiosity and ask follow-up questions, allowing you to talk more naturally about your experiences.

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